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Re: Next up: Wrexham (A)
Posted by: Yiggsy
Date: 29/01/2018 20:11
The whole of the crowd and all of the players had no idea why the pen was given.

Having looked at the video several times, which the referee doesn't have the luxury of, it appears that Sutton's right arm was over Pearson's left shoulder when they challenged for the ball. The referee must question how this came about and it is evident that it is two players legitimately jostling for space and position. It appears that Sutton did not pull, push, deliberately hinder or grab Pearson.. it's just how they both arrived for the aerial challenge. Sutton won the joust and headed clear. It could be argued that Pearson put himself in that position and then fell over.

Nobody in the ground thought that it was malpractice apart from the referee.

I am loathe to criticize refs because it is an impossible job and I have done it at Junior level with great reports until I jacked it in because I couldn't be arsed with the unjustified flack.

However, I think 99% of referees would'nt have given that penalty.

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