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Re: Alabi to Dover until January.
Posted by: Higgosboots
Date: 27/10/2017 19:22
The rules are only around registration. At the moment we can only register loanees until the next transfer window. That rule isn't there to prevent longer-term signings - it's just that loans have to be short-term or they would be a transfer outside the window.
There is nothing to stop us selling Alabi to Dover today, if the contract states the fee is paid today but the registration isn't changed until January. He could then play for Dover on loan from Tranmere until the end of his loan, and then become their signings.

Clubs often sign players outside of the transfer window but cannot play them (I think United signed someone at the end of last season, whilst Leicester did this by mistake with the player who was registered 14 seconds after the window closed - although in those cases there wasn't a loan system which enabled the players to play, but if there was in the Premiership that Leicester player would be allowed to play on loan.)

There is no transfer window in the National League, we can sign any player at any time for any fee and can play up to 5 loanees in any one fixture.

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