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Re: Alabi to Dover until January.
Posted by: Kenny_Crons
Date: 21/10/2017 11:15
To add some stats to show why I think this is a good move.
He has played 403 minutes for us this season and scored 0 goals and had 0 assists. For the most part as many of us would agree in those 403 minutes he has not looked very good at all.

Last season he scored 17 in 42 matches. BUT 4 of those were penalties. If they had another penalty taker that would be 13 in 42 games so not exactly prolific. Another important point is he had 0 assists last season.

Norwood had 16 in 43 matches and started less games last season than Alabi but chipped in with 8 assists.

To me it looked like a speculative signing that has gone wrong as there seems to be little potential to eak out of Alabi.

There weren’t sufficient pre season games for him to be evaluated and I believe now we aren’t wasting a spot in the team for him we can start to kick on.

Superb use of stats to prove what we have all seen with our own eyes.

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