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Posted by: DCTRFC
Date: 24/09/2017 14:01
My Saturday team used to play this, used to be a thing back in Germany in the day, 3 centre backs 2 wing backs, 1 or 2 CM in front of the back 3 and two attacking CM behind a target man. The two attacking CMs would bomb on as runners ahead of target man when we had the ball. Would fit us perfectly.


Any 3 CBS

Jay Harris as the rat in front of them covering the holes left by wing backs bombing on.

Ridehalgh and Buxton on WB duty

Jeff Hughes slightly ahead of Harris to ping balls and dictate play

Any two from Norburn, Norwood or Jennings breaking into space

Cook up top.

We played a team from 2 leagues higher that were semi-pro and they hated it
. 'They are everywhere' was my favourite comment from their 2 centre mids.

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