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Play off final quiz
Discussion started by Beamish Screamer (IP Logged), 18 May, 2019 15:26
Beamish Screamer
Beamish Screamer
18 May, 2019 15:26
Just found this and thought it quite interesting. Obviously Google will answer it straight away but see if you can guess first.

Which 6 current non league teams have won the League 2 Play-off Final?

The years were 87 (first ever final) 91, 93, 95, 08 & 10. I have not included Orient in 89 as they are now in League 2

the baldy one
the baldy one
18 May, 2019 15:44
I will have a guess - notts county, Yeovil town, chesterfield, Hartlepool united, stockport county and York city.

hong kong rover
hong kong rover
18 May, 2019 15:49
1987 Aldershot beat wolves over 2 legs, before the final was at wembley..

1991 Torquay utd...beat Blackpool in wembley day we done Bolton..

They are 2 that i can remember..

Beamish Screamer
Beamish Screamer
18 May, 2019 15:50
Baldy you have got 3 correct

the baldy one
the baldy one
18 May, 2019 15:57
this time I will go for the 2 hong kong rover picked Aldershot town and torquay and notts county Yeovil town chesterfield and York city.

Hoots Mon
Hoots Mon
18 May, 2019 16:50
Dagenham and Redbridge is the other one.

Beamish Screamer
Beamish Screamer
18 May, 2019 16:58
Answers are:
87 Aldershot
91 Torquay
93 York
95 Chesterfield
08 Stockport
10 Dag

20 May, 2019 20:12
according to EuroclubIndex, it is most likely Newport will win and add to the above list. statistically, before the playoffs started, they predicted that the final would most likely be newport versus tranmere despite the fact they finished 7th and 6th....

they currently reckon 62% chance of newport winning but lord knows how they come up with that assessment...

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