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What colours at wembley
Discussion started by gary anderson (IP Logged), 18 May, 2019 09:00
gary anderson
gary anderson
18 May, 2019 09:00
I was just wondering if we play in white or blue at wembley next week as Newport play in white as well how is it decided who plays in there home kit and who in there away kit

Viking Tranmere
Viking Tranmere
18 May, 2019 09:08
Newport play in amber and black - like Wolves.
I hope we play in the same kit we played at FGR.
White shirts, blue shorts & socks.

gary anderson
gary anderson
18 May, 2019 09:42
Yes viking your right I had some idea they played in white but getting old got it wrong .so no reason we can't play in our home kit then

Borough Roaderd
18 May, 2019 19:28
They played in white against Mansfield.

18 May, 2019 21:26
Intimidate the opposition by playing in black and let the ref wear white.

Then I ate his Liver.......... with some baked beans and a can of coke.

Bored rover
Bored rover
18 May, 2019 23:05
There’s usually a designated home and away team, I believe we are the designated away side

18 May, 2019 23:35
I saw on twitter we would be playing in the regular home kit.

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