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22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
Discussion started by Merlion96 , 13 January, 2019 01:02
22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
Merlion96 13 January, 2019 01:02
We’re now more than six months into Unai Emery’s reign at Arsenal. We knew he had serious problems to address and, as such, not much was expected this season.

The 22-game unbeaten streak was unfortunate because it lulled many of us into thinking that Emery had cracked most of the problems but lurking beneath the gloss of the longest run in the league lay the same fundamental cracks that had done for Arsene Wenger.

Nothing much seems to be changing even though almost everything at the club has.
Against West Ham, with most of his defence fit and available again, Emery opted to go with players he’d been using when they weren’t. Hector Bellerin stayed on the bench as did Lucas Torreira for some reason no-one can quite fathom.

By this point, we should have at least some idea of what Emery’s plan is for this side. What are his main tactics? What is his first XI? What is plan A, B, and C? Why aren’t our best players playing? Why are we really letting Aaron Ramsey leave?

He’s got them defending well at corners, I’ll give him that. We’re the only side not to concede from one in the league, but when you can’ defend your own corners, that means little.

The same mistakes, carelessness and tendency to shoot their own foot off remains.
As does the wastefulness in front of goal and the lack of link-up play between the middle and front. Load up down the flanks, pull-back, repeat.

Is that it?

Creativity is provided in flashes from Alex Iwobi or no-one at all. It’s boring, predictable fodder that, if you close your eyes, could be coming from Arsene Wenger’s latter-era teams.

As I said as I opened this piece, we all knew that it would take time. Six months in we should be seeing *something*.

That we aren’t means it could well be time to start getting very concerned indeed, especially if there is no money at the club for wholesale changes.


Good read.

We had been deluded over that streak.
But comes wintry months, it is Groundhog Day all over again.

Teams we played against during 22-game unbeaten streak:

#6 - 6 no. games in EUropa Cup group stage;
#8 - 2 no. Carabao Cup games;
#9 - Beat WHU 3-1,
#10 - Beat Cardiff 3-2, (A)
#11 - Beat Newcastle 2-1, (A)
#12 - Everton 2-0,
#13 - Watford 2-0,
#14 - Fulham 5-1 (A),
#15 - Leicester 3-1,
#16 - Palace 2-2 (A) - played on 27 Oct 2018
#17 - Liverpool 1-1 (H) - 31 Oct 2018
#18 - Wolves 1-1 (H) - 10 Nov 2018
#19 - Bournemouth 2-1 (A) - 20 Nov 2018
#20 - Tiny Totts 4-2 (H) - 1 Dec 2018
#21 - ManU 2-2 (A) - 4 Dec 2018
#22 - Huddersfield (H) - 1-0 8 Dec 2018 - Torreira glorious goal

And the wheels came off on 13 Dec 2018 when we lost 3-2 at St. Mary.
Remember under Arsene Wenger, we lost at St Mary in January in 2 consecutive seasons?

A few pointers:
#1 - During our unbeaten run, we won when we scored 2 goals or more and never failed to scored 2 goals or more in away games.

#2 - Only aganst Huddersifeld did we led at 1st half. It is our battling and change of tactics, with Auba in scintillating form, that bailed us out during 2nd half.

#3 - And Auba gone off the boil in December, there is no one left in teh locker.

#4 - Like Ozil, Laca is blowing hot and cold. He is too individualistic and there is little link-up play with Auba, wiht Laca jsut obsessed with shooting and has no peripheral vision to spot team-mates in the clear to his right of left.

Contrast that to link-up play amongst Sterling-Aguero-Sane, Kane-Son-Eriksen, Pedro-Hazard-Willian and Martial-Rashford-Lingaard. And not mentioning those inter-playing with a mixture of long ball and short ball with Wolves, Watford, Crystal Palace and Saints.

Emery got the job becasue the Board was impressed by his detailed analysis of current squad, even youths and identifying the weaknesses and flaws in the team and a proposal on how to bring the team forward. The timeline was never revealed.

But what we do know that the KPI is to quickly achieve Top-4 status this season; and no more excuse if we still fail to achieve Top-4 next season.

I beleive that Emery ahd realised that he cannot achieve Top-4 this season and as a cup specialist, the only real alternative to achieve Top-4 is to win Europa League Cup. WInning EL Cup has a better chance of Top-4 against the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Tiny Totts, Chelski and ManU.

Hence, all his transfer dealings during summer is really geared towards building an interim team to play in Europe and not against physical and high tempo English teams.
And after Wenegr and Gazidis blew away the budget during their last 3 seasons, teh coffer is empty leaving Mislintat and Emery without a chocie but to buy bargains to stay within the salary cap imposed by EPL and FA Rules.

In come the likes of Skratis and Lichsteiner to play European Football and bargains like Guendouzi and Torreira, hoping they will come good. Those youngsters are a gamble with Guendouzi coming short now and Torreira iss itll open verdict. 2nd half of the season will either exposed Torreira's shortcoming in English Football or he continues to develop into another Kante or Makelele.

Under Arsene Wenger, we usually went off a scintillating start during in 1st half of the season and went off the boil during November Blip.

What we are seeing is a continuity November Blip with a horrendous injury list ... Groundhog Day.

fingers crossed, perhaps like Arsene Wenegr teams, they only turned up to play against big teams like Chelski, Tiny Totts and ManU in the coming weeks.

'Unai Emery is tiptoeing around Wenger Legacy hoping to safely make it to the death of his Arsenal career.'

Re: 22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
Padre Pio 13 January, 2019 09:23
One of the complaints against Wenger was that he brought players back too early from injury, I think Emery already had his eyes on the Chelsea game, mistakenly believing he could win against the Hammers by reserving some key players for that game.
We often used to say of Wenger his first 11 was quite good, but there was nothing beyond it, it looks like this reality has made itself known to Emery. I would rather have had 3 points in the bag now and let Chelsea game take care of itself.

- until Wenger moves on, they'll always be the also-rans in the major competitions. A club in elite purgatory. Always good enough to make it to the big race, never fast or smart enough to push over the finish line in first place. That's all about the manager. Until he changes, Arsenal fans will continue to celebrate glorious failure.

Re: 22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
CazOnARola 13 January, 2019 10:18
I think his only mistake is not rushing ramsey. I can understand, ramsey could have been sold in Jan to salvage something from his value and he wouldn't want the team to rely on him if he plays an important part since the start of the season, but i don't understand why he doesn't play him in situations like this where we literally have no one else with mkhitaryan injured. Ramsey has played with full commitment throughout the season, not like cesc, nasri or sanchez

Re: 22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
goonerred 13 January, 2019 12:45
It's all so disappointing, but I do think Ramsey was asking for too much money, hence the contract offer on the table was withdrawn, probably because Ramsey wouldn't sign it. Ozil should never have been given such a huge contract and neither should Ramsey at his age. Ramsey wanted more, Arsenal wouldn't give it, he has to go. Should have nailed him down or sold him earlier, we can say that of a few players though.

Re: 22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
Merlion96 13 January, 2019 13:23
Arsenal worse under Emery
I’ve been meaning to write in to the mailbox about this subject for about two months now so I’m finally going to just go ahead and say it. Arsenal are worse under Emery than at any time under Arsene Wenger. Allow me to ramble for a moment.
It is almost universally being reported and accepted that Emery is doing a good job. Whenever anyone is asked, he is “ahead of schedule” and “working well” etc. Why? Last year was Wenger’s worst in his entire 22 year tenure. This season we concede more shots, have less shots on goal, have less of the ball, create less chances and concede more goals. Emery had a free hit here, by the end everyone thought Wenger needed to be replaced, but he has made this Arsenal team worse.
And that is despite having a much better group of players to work with. Comparing the Arsenal squad this year to the one that started last year, it is clear how much stronger this team should be. Torreira, Sokratis, Aubameyang are three key players that should immediately make us stronger. Coupled with a bedded in Lacazette and Mikhitaryan, and with Guendouzi as a decent squad addition, there should be no reason for us not to see improvement. I don’t even think considerable improvement would have been beyond the realms of possibility.
The football is also incredibly poor. I go to the Emirates every few weeks and our performance against Burnley at home, despite the win, was potentially the worst home performance I have ever seen. We couldn’t string two passes together. Against Burnely, at home. People went mad for the Spurs result but we beat them 2-0 at home last year. I am certainly not advocating for Wenger to get his job back. The man was undeniably a genius for a long time, albeit one who stayed on for a year or two too long, but this common perception of Emery is driving me mad and has to be addressed.
I’d also just like to touch on the Ozil issue. I was listening to Dixon and Le Saux discussing it a couple of weeks ago, both nonchalantly declaring that Emery had “passed” that particular test. Again, why? I’m not sure the ins and outs of the situation but Ozil is a considerable talent and Emery is not even getting close to getting the best out of him. People say Wenger indulged him but it brought the club 3 FA Cup wins. For a long time he was creating more chances than anyone else in the premier league, Wenger’s approach was certainly working to an extent. Alongside Torreira and an improved Xhaka, Ozil might be a pretty handy addition to this Arsenal team. Against West Ham Arsenal were crying out for Mesut Ozil, and if Emery can’t see that and tweak his approach then he is doing his job badly. Emery, in my opinion, is failing his Ozil test miserably.
My key point though is this. Despite what you thought of Wengers performance at the end of his tenure, he kept the expectation levels at the club sky high. Top four was not enough, qualification for the Champions League last 16 was completely expected and 3 FA cup wins in 4 years was great but ultimately nothing too impressive for a football club the size of Arsenal. He finished a point off the top 4 in 2017 and Arsenal fans were utterly seething. Now Wenger has gone, the clubs expectation levels have dropped considerably. They shouldn’t.
I can see the response to this mail already. “Emery took over a poor team”, “he needs time” and I agree. So lets call a spade a spade and admit that Emery has so far created a poor side but deserves until the end of the season to work it all out. As fans, it is our responsibility to keep the expectation levels of Arsenal as they should be. Emery can have his first year for free but he should certainly be feeling pressure to finish in the top 4, and anything less than a Europa league win should be a big disappointment and put him under pressure going into next season. People are giving him a completely free ride and he has done very little to justify it, other than doing things slightly differently and in many cases, worse than Arsene Wenger did in the worst of his 22 years in charge.
My personal expectations for the team this year was to finish in the top 4, or absolute worst case, miss out by a point or two. It’s a tough league and Emery deserves a year to work it out. However, lets bin this notion that he is doing a good job. He isn’t, and if he wants to have his job going into 2020, he needs to start doing it much better.
Tom (Don’t even get me started on those half time substitutions) Goldenballs


Knives are out and sharpening.

Bet they all are wishing for Wenger to stay! (Sm128)
Not me.

The fatal error committed by Silent Stan was to listen to Wenger who appealed to him directly for the last contract extension.
Understand the Board was not in favor to extend his contract but Silent Stan over-ruled them to his everlasting regret. Ozil alone cost Silent Stan 90-mil GBP.

'Unai Emery is tiptoeing around Wenger Legacy hoping to safely make it to the death of his Arsenal career.'

Re: 22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
goonerred 13 January, 2019 14:08
I don't think any manager could get Ozil playing well now. He's retired from international football, so he's not trying to impress. He's got his big pay day so he's not trying to impress another club.

Re: 22-game unbeaten streak just glossed over Arsene Wenger Team
Merlion96 14 January, 2019 15:16
Every man got his pride.
He should leave with his head high now instead of like a highly-paid harlot on a Bosman in 2 years time.

I thought that after WC2018 fallout, Ozil will up his game to show what he can achieve with Arsenal FC and shown up Germany what they are missing.

Guess not.

Ozil will be a disgrace to the Germany Turkish Community if he continues to be another Winston Bogarde, living a hedonistic life in London like a well-paid football harlot.

If Mesut Ozil has any pride as a German of Turkish roots, then he should a model and a flag bearer for his community to continue fighting for a spot in Unai Emery Team.
At least fight and not just whimpering gutless and satiated hedonist with no stomach for a fight.

'Unai Emery is tiptoeing around Wenger Legacy hoping to safely make it to the death of his Arsenal career.'

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