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Dropping bombs
Discussion started by Goofle , 08 April, 2017 10:55
Dropping bombs
Goofle 08 April, 2017 10:55
I didn't support Trump in the hope that he'd continue a globalist agenda, following in the footsteps of previous presidents. No intervention, no bombing. Leave other countries alone.

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Re: Dropping bombs
SandyB 08 April, 2017 23:46
So now you are on the alt-right shi.t bandwagon making Trump the hero n the villain? The guy doesnt know what he's doing when Bannon runs the presidency he's America First, when Kushner runs it then he's globalist. The fu.cking reality is through out his life he was n is his pocket first.
As Brit alt-right you better pray him to be globalist, with Brexit looming on, a war might find a

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Re: Dropping bombs
Padre Pio 09 April, 2017 21:28
After months of kissing Trumps ass Farage discovers that Trump is a @#$%& like any other president, and possibly even more dangerous.

- until Wenger moves on, they'll always be the also-rans in the major competitions. A club in elite purgatory. Always good enough to make it to the big race, never fast or smart enough to push over the finish line in first place. That's all about the manager. Until he changes, Arsenal fans will continue to celebrate glorious failure.

Re: Dropping bombs
SandyB 09 April, 2017 23:54
Trump runs the presidency like Tony Soprano... you get what you paid

Re: Dropping bombs
SuperRob 19 April, 2017 20:28
Turns out the issues facing the President of the USA aren't black and white. That catchphrases from uninformed TV celebrities don't mean a thing when it comes to actually running a country.

I guess people are going to be so disappointed when it turns out that Brexit isn't black and white either. Immigration probably isn't going to fall that much. We're not going to suddenly have loads of money available for the NHS or whatever. And that all these rules and regulations that those unelected bureaucrats in Brussels forced on us that play such an important role in our everyday lives are just going to be replaced by identical rules and regulations written by unelected bureaucrats in London that will have an equally unimportant role in our everyday lives.

Re: Dropping bombs
hippogunner 20 April, 2017 14:30
@Super Rob, too right. Sad thing is that it's going to cost a lot of money to discover that and the ones who'll pay most is the poor, many of whom voted to leave the EU, The same suckers often who vote for the Tories and then wonder why their lives don't improve. They're like Christians kissing lions.

Re: Dropping bombs
Goofle 20 April, 2017 14:36
Consequences shouldn't be the only reason for making a decision.

How do you farm without slaves?

Obviously I think it's hyperbole but an argument from assumed consequences is not particularly valid.

Re: Dropping bombs
SuperRob 23 April, 2017 12:10
I think consequences are the only reason for making decisions. If you're presented with options, the only way to choose between them is by judging / guessing what the consequences of the choice will be. What other reason is there to take one side or the other?

If an argument from assumed consequence isn't valid, then there's no point in making any argument at all unless we fully understand the consequence of every decision, which is practically impossible (and probably theoretically impossible in any system that reacts to itself).

I think you're arguing that slavery is a necessary part of farming. Therefore we should have thought twice about becoming an agricultural society because slavery would be a consequence of it. That's a fair argument and is a question that has a lot of merit in my opinion. When the success of the collective species, in this case humankind, outweighs the wellbeing of individuals within the species should that really be considered progress or success? I'm not too sure. We consider economic and population growth to be "progress" for humankind and it is progress for our species as a collective, but if it makes all the individuals miserable, then is it really worth it?

But it's still a question of what the consequences to the decision will be and the problem was that we didn't predict the consequences of the decision well enough beforehand (unintended consequences). The happiness and wellbeing of the individuals involved were also consequences to this decision that we didn't take into account (and still aren't taking into account in our current decision making)

Sure, I fully accept that I don't know 100% what the consequences of Brexit will be, just like I didn't know 100% what the consequences of a Trump presidency would be. And my previous post is full of assumed consequences, which are simply my best guesses based on my view of what's gone before. But unless a person is happy to have no opinion about anything, the only way to decide which side to take is by guessing or judging what the most desirable consequences of a decision are.

What were your arguments in favour of Donald Trump based on before the Election if not assumed consequences? And what is the point of this thread if not to bemoan the unintended consequences that have become apparent since?

Re: Dropping bombs
Goofle 23 April, 2017 13:44
I should have said morality and ethics as opposed to "decision", that was where I came from anyway.

Re: Dropping bombs
SandyB 24 April, 2017 18:51
Looks like French people are smarter than British people...doesn't look like they like the idea of FREXIT. A probable centerist investment banker president when France is under attack from Islamic terrorism is clearly a quick shift from fake fear mongering politics.
I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Cuban becomes the next US president (LOL)

Re: Dropping bombs
Ares 24 April, 2017 20:44
Brexit/Frexit/Exit = Inflation. High Interest Rates. Recession.

Got Cash. No Problem.

Big Problem if you don't.

Re: Dropping bombs
SuperRob 15 August, 2017 23:16
How is Trump's morality working out for you?

Re: Dropping bombs
SuperRob 15 August, 2017 23:33


Look at the second chart here:

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Re: Dropping bombs
Ares 16 August, 2017 01:18
If there are intelligent aliens out there I can't for the life of me imagine why they would want to make themselves known to humans.

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