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Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Discussion started by oldngold , 05 August, 2018 13:35
Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
oldngold 05 August, 2018 13:35
Apparently Fosun are considering whether to build a new stadium instead of expanding Molineux. Shi has been talking about the limitation of expanding Molineux only as far as 50,000.

Our largest average gate was the 1948/49 season at just under 47,000 per game, when we finished second to Portsmouth in the League and won the FA Cup. That was a time when apart from working in the factory there was nowt else to do on Saturday when the gaffers shut the workshops for the afternoon so we could go and watch the Wolves.

Expanding the South Bank and joining that to a new Steve Bull and linking the North Bank would easily push the capacity to over 45,000 which is more than Chelsea who are stuck in Stamford Bridge for the foreseable future. The could redevelop the Billy wright which should push the capacity past 50,000 which would match Newcastle and Liverpool and Man City, although the latter two are going to be increasing to over 60,000 over the next few years.

If we still have a season ticket waiting list then maybe then you might consider a new stadium. 50,000 is an enormous crowd, and getting that every match down the Wolves would be unprecedented and would be greater than even the great days of the 50s.

This is worrying because Fosun may start to believe that Wolves cannot match their ambition. Are they thinking they can build a 60K+ seater stadium nearby and fill it every game?

Perhaps they can fly in the Chinese to Heathrow and stick them on the HS2 when its built and ferry them into a new stadium.

There is tremendous scope to expand molineux easily up to 50,000 how is that not enough? Although it does show that Fosun are not messing around they clearly want Wolves to be a top 6 club and challenging in Europe.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Lupinehowler 06 August, 2018 13:25
The average attendance in the Prem was 38,000 last year with only the top 6 exceeding that figure.
Fosun must be aiming very high if they imagine that we would regularly exceed 50,000 particularly if the ground was to be repositioned in an out of town situation.
With modern building tech the current ground could hold 50,000 quite easily, remain part of the town, and hold onto its name and history.
Would hate to have to watch a match at a new “ Fosun Stadium.”

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Julius Cesar Wolf 07 August, 2018 14:28
Fosun is aiming very high indeed,of that I have no doubt.
Currently only FFP rules that is holding us back according to comments from Jeff.
The ground issue will be an ongoing question it seems..and if looking further ahead with Fosuns ibvious ambitions in seems a new ground will see the light of day in a couple of years time at the latest.
I admit,I am one of the dinosaurs that will severly miss Molineux.

However,if the ground stands in our way of greater success,then even an old fossil like myself understands the need for a new ground.

We are certainly not there yet,but listening to the Fosun sounds it seems we are going in the direction of a new stadium.We simply must increase our revenues and turnover if the ambitions pitchwise is going to have a chance to be met.

I will not stand in the way for that...but I will really miss Molineux.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
oldngold 07 August, 2018 17:02
I think there is enough space on the current site to quickly increase the capacity to well over 40,000 as needed. Chelsea don't seem to have done too bad with a 45,000 capacity. And can be done whilst still playing at Molineux.

However, Fosun are touting a 60,000 seat stadium. And whilst we can argue about whether we would fill it, where it would be located and so on. This was done in a somewhat casual throwaway line from JS. But I don't think there is anything casual about Fosun, and JS clearly would only be representing what is being discussed.

A 60,000 seat stadium would be a massive and major investment. We would be talking at least 400 Million plus whatever else is being thrown in: shopping, housing, business and leisure facilities. This is not just extending the Steve Bull stand. That is a major piece of urban regeneration which the area, to my knowledge, has never had before.

Whatever happens, the council need to be talking to Fosun seriously about the best options for investment on that scale in the city. This is actually bigger than just having Wolves play in front of bigger crowds. Fosun's decision making has so far been excellent. It now needs others, the council, development agencies for the region, to also be thinking straight and getting things right.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the city and the region and is all driven from the fact that the Chinese think Wolves have the potential as a global footballing brand.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Cheshire wolf 11 February, 2019 23:51
I follow a blog on YouTube called Old Gold and Black and Tom on there has said this evening that Jeff Shi and Laurie Dalrymple have announced that Fosun intend to stay at and develop Molineux, initially by significantly increasing the South Bank stand.

I think this is great news - Molineux has been the home of my football team for the fifty odd years I have supported them, and I wouldn't particularly want them to move if redevelopment is possible.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
an angry wolf 12 February, 2019 19:34
Is that Tom from this site Cheshire?

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Cheshire wolf 12 February, 2019 23:28
No Angry. I have met Tom who used to administer this site a few times but it's a different chap who does the 'vlog'.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
an angry wolf 13 February, 2019 01:29
Ah right Cheshire fair enough- did you meet Tom at games? I never knew anyone from here had met bar Ian and Jan of course

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Cheshire wolf 13 February, 2019 11:15
When I became a Moderator Tom set up the process for me, so when I next went to Molineux I PM'd him to suggest a pint before the game, and we have subsequently done so a further two or three times. Sadly my efforts to get him to contribute to the board again have fallen on stoney ground - although he has been busy completing a PhD!!

Similarly Ivybridge Wolf and I have messaged over other issues in the past couple of years and ended up meeting up and attending the West Ham game two weeks ago, which was good. Always good to put a face to a name!

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
an angry wolf 13 February, 2019 12:18
Indeed Cheshire, sadly I dont get to many games these days with Molineux a 7 hour round trip from here so have to rely on dodgy streams.Hopefully if we get in Europe and play away at some Scandinavian club I can fly from Norwich airport as it would probably be quicker than getting to Molineux.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Ivybridge Wolf 16 February, 2019 10:47
There are some amusing Wolves vlogs, Gold and Black Tom, Dazzling Dave (and his Dad), Finnerz are all worth a look. I’ve only just started to watch. Personally, I don’t know how they manage to watch a match, film and comment all at the same time ... and keep it clean! I would find all necessary elements and discipline impossible.

Fingers crossed Angry, Carrow Road for you next season? Mind, away tickets are really tough now. I’ve been lucky with a few contacts this year and sat in the home ends (Spurs, Arsenal and Brighton), however tomorrow will represent the first (or maybe second) Aston Gate fixture I’ve missed in 26-8 years or so.

It was great to meet up with Chesh v West Ham. Just goes to show we are actually flesh and blood on here after all!! A few used to meet up from here regularly but that was years ago and likely they don’t all follow this site any longer .... at a guess. On a single occasion, in the Weatherspoons, over 10 years ago, I met Barmy Army, Wednesfield, Bilston, Big Brad Wolf and Halesowen .... as I recall, maybe a couple of others. I started using this site in 2005 after bumping into a then prolific poster and moderator Stuart Smith (Olofins Boots and other names) pre match in Southampton, again in a weatherspoons. That’s my experience of fellow posters!

Edit: Meant to mention that the Fans Parliament minutes should reveal something about the future / redevelopment of Molineux. Should be imminent, apparently!

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Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
Ivybridge Wolf 16 February, 2019 23:02
Fans Parliament notes - official website

There we go, dated yesterday but I didn’t see it lol!

Looks like they now wish to redevelop the Steve Bull first to increase the capacity by 4,500 ish in a ‘phase 1’, of which 1,500 - 2,000 will be corporate seats. It also states the new Steve Bull is likely to have 11,000 as oppose to 9,500 - so I’m a little confused by the overall maths! It’ll come out in the wash, of that I’m sure, however for such a big development, an extra 1,500 ‘seats’ seems to me, a little underwhelming! ‘Phase 2’ and the South Bonk follows next to make it 45,000. Again what do the maths tell us? A 14 -15,000 South Bank?

I’ll wait for the actual plans!! I’m sure Fosun have it under control.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
an angry wolf 17 February, 2019 20:20
Ive been to Norwich a few times watching Wolves Ivy and even Ipswich but this neck of the woods is possibly the worst in England in terms of proximity to football grounds.

I'm a little disappointed with the development plans for Molineux as the increase in capacity seems to be very modest compared to what was rumoured.. the south bank should be prioritised as it's our iconic stand but now arguably the least impressive in terms of structure but no atmosphere. I've been hearing of the large single tier "kop type " stand for ages now but seems to be no definitive plans other than vague references focusing more on the steve Bull.

Re: Molineux - What on Earth is going on?
chicagowolf 18 February, 2019 15:09
Sport is full of Fair Weather friends. I know several people who claim to be lifelong Man City fans, but could not tell you who Francis Lee was or recall when they were laughably cr4p in Div 3. Fosun threw up their trial balloon of moving the stadium and seem to have given up on that after the outrage it caused, but in addition to their goal of making Wolves one of the top clubs in the World (yes, World), they also seem keen to have a stadium where the current euphoric atmosphere can be maintained while they build their Global Brand. That is going to be tough enough when Nuno takes his Big job, at Bayern or Barcelona (he certainly will not be going to some Mickey Mouse club like Spurs or Chelsea) and we’re languishing about twelfth in the Prem. The fans will turn and more importantly the Johnny Come Latelies will drift off. The point being, how big a ground do we need? 50,000? 65,000? 80,000? Nobody really knows. We saw the argument recently that Wolverhampton with its population of only 250,000 might not be able to support a Big club. That is clearly nonsense as there are huge numbers of people within an hours travel to the Mol, but the fact it was mentioned gives a hint of the fear - big ground, empty seats, poor atmosphere- all communicated to the vast , lucrative TV audiences.
Better take it one step at a time and build steadily as we grow? 10K to MK seems an awfully long time ago.

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