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Pools Fans aim for the Pop Charts! Part 1

The CD!

By Albatross/John McQue
November 3 2005

In the aftermath of the Playoff Final, someone suggested recording a new Hartlepool United CD. Several months later, the "Poolie Pride" CD is being released. And there are real hopes that the CD, released on 7th November, may even break into the Pop Charts - Top of the Pops here we come?

In a few days time, a group of Hartlepool United fans will be making an assault on the Pop Charts. Going by the name of "Poolie Pride", a CD Single featuring a massed choir of Poolies singing "Two Little Boys", an updated version of "Never Say Die", and contributions from the Soundwaves Project and Monkey Business editor Lol Moran will be released officially on Monday 7th November - with the real possibility of gatecrashing the charts. John McQue, one of the many involved in making this a reality, takes up the story.

"It all started with a single throw away post on a messageboard by someone whose identity is lost in the midst of time; ‘Lets record Two Little Boys’ The rest of the thread agreed it was a good idea so a small group of people who apart from one, had no experience or knowledge of the viper-pit like world of the music industry set about making it happen.

A meeting was arranged and was attended by 8 or so people who brought their various skills to the table. We wanted to achieve something that everyone could be proud of and by ensuring that this project made the charts we would do that. We came up with a plan; Record a few tunes, get the record made, a bit of publicity, sell it through chart recording shops, perform on Top of The Pops. Distribute the profits to local worthy causes. Job done!

Obviously ‘Two Little Boys’ had to be in there but what else? We decided to rewrite ‘Never Say Die’ because the song just wasn’t relevant any more. At the suggestion of Mayor Drummond, The Soundwaves project’s recording of ‘Hartlepool United’ was chosen along with Lol Moran’s superb version of ‘The Monkey Song’ The rules allow you to include a dance remix so ‘Never Say Die 2005 – the Hijackers mix’ was born.

CD Inlay But what about copyright? After protracted negotiations, EMI Australia who hold the copyright of ‘Two Little Boys’ eventually gave their permission. The other songs; Never Say Die, The Monkey Song, and Hartlepool United by the soundwaves project - a local children’s music group, were no problem on that score so we proceeded to obtain a licence from MCPS the people who give out licences to make records

Local outlets seemed to be keen on the idea of selling the CD for the most part, and the Hartlepool Mail agreed to run a campaign to promote the project. Hartlepool United agreed to provide their support and a large number of people wanted to be involved in the making of the record

So one balmy summer’s day, 50 Poolies turned up at The Studio to make Poolie history. Musical expertise and lead vocals was provided by the Passion Killers, Ritchie Humphreys added his guitar and vocals and even Stuart Drummond, the Mayor of Hartlepool turned out direct from a function in Glasgow to show exactly what the music industry had missed out on. Pictures from the Recording Session on the Inlay

Dead easy this record lark isn’t it?"

Sadly, as you'll be able to read in Part 2 of this article, it was anything but!

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