Chelsea FC
An Appropriate Finale
By Gary Watton
May 13 2018

I was rather hoping that Bakayoko, the teacher's pet, would get sent off, thereby ensuring that he would not be available for next week's FA Cup final. Alas no such red card was presented to him, and Chelsea fans will be steeling themselves for the logic-defying omission of Willian next Saturday in favour of the inadequate Bakayoko. Such a selection decision will reveal Conte's overwhelming desire to 'stop United' as opposed to a wish to take the game to them.

There will be the customary hype preceding this Saturday's showpiece final, but the painful reality is that both finalists have each won once in their last three outings, with ManUre scoring just once and Chelsea a mere twice.

On Tyneside, we witnessed a fitting end to the season from Hell in which Chelsea failed to defeat Arsenic once in five attempts and finally lost at home to Tottenham Trophy Dodgers for the first time since Henry The Eighth was King of England. Only an FA Cup final success can slightly atone for a car crash season, but even that may be beyond toothless one-goal Chelsea.

One can only hope that Chelsea Football Club will not be scouring the pages of the Italian Yellow Pages in search of another temperamental manager. However, as with the non-dismissal of Bakayoko today, we can all look forward to more mayhem from this fallen superpower.


Newcastle United 3 CHELSEA 0; half time: 1-0


CHELSEA: Courtois; Christensen; Cahill; Azpilicueta; Kante; Emerson; Bakayoko; Barkley; Moses; Giroud; Hazard. Used substitutes: Morata; Willian; Pedro


CHELSEA leading scorers:

Hazard sixteen

Morata fifteen

Willian thirteen

Batshuayi ten

Alonso eight

Pedro seven

Giroud five