Chelsea FC
Chelsea Finish In Second Spot
By Gary Watton
December 5 2017

For the third time in the last four matches, Chelsea had to come from behind, having conceded the first goal. In the end they had to make do with a draw, whilst AS Roma overtook them to finish top of their group. How crucial the difference is between first and second will only be revealed with next Monday's draw for the last sixteen. The Blues will be confronted with either Besiktas, Barcelona (again), or PSG (yet again). However coming top could also have landed an assignment with Bayern Munich, Juventus, or Real Madrid, so the advantage of finishing first seems more flimsy than ever before.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Morata failed yet again to record his first home goal with his feet. His shots all autumn since August have not produced a single goal at Stamford Bridge - a statistic rendered all the more embarrassing by the fact that Bakayoko, David Luiz, Musonda, and Zappacosta have all scored with their feet in home fixtures. Until Morata converts more shots, he will seem like an expensive Tony Cascarino.

Furthermore, it remains a matter of some regret that the stylish Willian is not afforded more game time. He was used as a second substitute when any other team would move heaven and earth to accommodate him in the starting eleven. Mind you, he did blaze over a gift of a chance deep in the second half. It could of course end up condemning us to another tiresome reunion with Barcelona or PSG.


CHELSEA  1 Atletico Madrid 1; half time: 0-0

CHELSEA goal scorer: Savic (own goal)

CHELSEA: Courtois; Azpilicueta; Cahill; Zappacosta; Christensen; Bakayoko; Kante; Fabregas; Morata; Moses; Hazard. Used substitutes: Pedro; Willian; Batshuayi


CHELSEA leading scorers:

Morata ten

Hazard eight

Batshuayi seven

Willian four

Alonso three

Azpilicueta two

Bakayoko two

Fabregas two

Pedro two

Rudiger two