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Quiz of the week

By TarnTalk
April 23 2008

Each week we run a short quiz here on and this week's chosen subject is our next opponents, mid-table Charlton Athletic. Below you'll find ten questions all about Charlton that we don't think you should have too much difficulty with. Have fun!

If you're struggling with any question's just drag your mouse over where it says 'Hint:' to reveal a (hopefully) helpful clue.

The quiz will run from Wednesday 23rd April with answers being published the following Wednesday. In the meantime feel free to post what you think the answers are in the quiz topic on our forums which you'll find here. All that we ask is that you keep your answers within the main body of your post and not in the subject box.

 1 Question 1 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 2 Question 2 
    Hint: hint goes here  
 3 Question 3 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 4 Question 4 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 5 Question 5 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 6 Question 6 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 7 Question 7 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 8 Question 8 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 9 Question 9 
    Hint: hint goes here 
 10 Question 10 
    Hint: hint goes here 

Once again, answers will be published next Wednesday and you can post what you think the answers are in our quiz topic on the message boards found here.

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