House of Hull
Phil Brown To Leave??
By Gavin
October 28 2009

Still Friends?

Report are rife that Phil Brown could either be sacked or about to leave Hull City. X player Dean Windass has also chipped in saying he should leave. Its come to light this week that the club are in serious financial difficulty as well and it looks like a club in crisis.

Some of us be saying for a long time its time for Brown to go, the team are struggling in the premiership and have a massive 6 pointer against Burnley this coming weekend, this sort of turmoil is the last thing they need before this fixture.

The finacial side of the problems is not just down to Brown though and Duffen has to shoulder most of the blame for the state the clubs in. He should in my oppinion sacked Brown last season after poor results saw the club stay up by the skin of its teeth.

Brown has made some pretty bad additions to the squad as well, which were bank rolled by Duffen and his board. Its a little uncertain at this time if the manager is going to leave or be sacked, or even allowed to stay but at this moment in time there are pretty strong vibes that are not good for his future, and with the likes of windass adding fuel to the fire i expect him to be gone before the weekend.