House of Hull
Opposing Fans View : Sunderland
By Eye Of The Tiger
September 10 2009

Hull travel to The Stadium of Light this weekend to take on Sunderland . Ahead of the game with asked lifelong Sunderland fan Stephen Holt who runs the Sunderland board here on the sportnetwork a few Questions.

How long have you supported Sunderland and why did you choose them?
Sunderland are my dad’s team, so ever since I was old enough to play football.

Who do you consider your star player?
I’d say Lorik Cana, a quality player who loves a tackle and has done well in France.

Do you feel the club can improve on last season when there was high expectation but the team failed to deliver and in the end got dragged into a battle at the bottom ?
Definitely, we’ve gotten off to a decent start, signed some quality players, sold some of the sub par players and have a manager who knows what he’s doing.

Who do you think will be Sunderland’s top scorer this season?
Kenwyne Jones

You never really rated Paul McShane so are you happy he's finally left the club?
Personally  I think he should’ve been given a chance but he’s better off away from Sunderland where the fans were always on his back – with some coaching and without the added pressure from the fans he could become a decent player.

You Bought Defender Michael Turner for a fee of between £6 and £8 million do you think it was to much to pay for a defender with only one season of premiership experience ?
I think it was probably a bit too much – but he’s English so that puts the price up a couple fo million to begin with – I’m just hoping he turns into the international that he’s being touted as.

What do you make a rumours linking Frazier Campbell with january loan move to Hull after only a short time at Sunderland?
I don’t think it’ll happen – he’s played really well when used and seems happy here – would be very disappointed if he did leave.

What do you think the score will be when the teams meet at The Stadium Of Light?
3-0 to Sunderland.

Which player in the Hull side do you think will cause your side Problems?
Has to be Giovanni

How do you think the top 4 will finish in the premiership this season?
In the top 4 – Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal

Who do you think will be relegated this season from the Premiership?
Wolves, Portmsouth, Birmingham

If you could have any rival  premiership player in your side who would it be?

Ashley Cole

Myself and Tigers Tales would like to Thank Stephen for his time and wish him and Sunderland best of luck this season. Stephen's Sunderland Board can be found at The Black Cats