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Hull to Seek Compensation From Millwall


By Gavin
January 25 2009

Hull are to lodge an appeal against Millwall after a group of there Fans(so called) took football back 20yrs to the sad old days when the thug ruled. Over fifty seats were ripped up and the toilets damaged at the K,C. Brave bunch of chaps these picking on a defenceless toilet, very big and clever. 12 Arrests were made and in my opinion they should throw the book at these animals.

It became clear that a group of these Millwall followers came to Humberside intent on one thing and that was to cause trouble and yet again embarass their club. Why anyone would come to such a supporter friendly club and do this is beyond me.

I also feel sorry for the proper fans of Millwall as they must be sick of been tarnished with the same brush as these thugs, I am guilty of this myself at times but this is a problem Millwall have and its a shame because I think most of their following are good loyal supporters as most of us are.

Phil Brown has said he was happy at the way the police delt with the situation but it appears some Millwall fans are not happy. To them I would say you only have yourselves to blame, its only a game all said and done. Why cant they just go and enjoy a day out with a few beers instead of ripping up seats and fighting, it beggars belief.

More to follow as this story runs and runs.

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