Mighty Reds
L.F.C. Another Crossroad?
By John Christie
September 11 2012

The coming season sees LFC at a crossroads.  This is nothing new, over the past eight years various owners made decisions which have had profound consequences. 

Moore's decision to appoint Rafa was a masterstroke, but the decision to sell to Hicks and Gillette was a disaster . 

The banks decision to engineer Hicks and Gillett out and replace them with Fenway saved the club from administration, now our owners having appointed Kenny then sacking him after one season,  have reached another crossroads . 


Tightening the purse strings withRogersmay make good housekeeping sense, but it certainly puts us at a great disadvantage with the elite in the premiership.  Do they now invest again and back their new manager or do they play safe and settle for mid-table mediocrity? 

Nervous times indeed for the Kop, is this another red dawn or the end of an empire?