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Ashley Cole What do Gooners Think?

By AJ The Gunner
March 30 2005

The Ashley Cole saga rumbles on and on. Chelsea have had their say, as have Arsenal. Cole's agent claims that the accusations are offensive. What really happened we will probably never know, the truth and the loyalty of real fans will be the main victim in all this.

AJ the Gunner considers some of issues below: 

The Ashley Cole saga has reached fever pitch. We have heard different versions of it, and all we really know is that a meeting did take place. We also knew that Ashley was offered a raise by Arsenal, which was subject to no negotiation that he wasn’t happy about.

But it’s now official that Ashley Cole did meet with Chelsea. However, according to Ashley, he was meeting with his agent Jonathan Barnett and super-agent Pini Zahavi, for a possible move abroad, when Jose Mourinho and Peter Kenyon walked in and hijacked the meeting (He should have got the FBI to wire him up to avoid unusual accusations).

Another significant aspect of all this is that it was reported that Arsene Wenger is adamant he wants Ashley Cole to remain at Highbury and become a Gunners great, possibly even Captain.

Wenger believed from the onset that a meeting did take place just like every gunner fan did but he remains determined that Ashley will stay loyal to the club.

Wenger said "My desire is that Ashley Cole stays at the club, signs a new deal and one day becomes captain of the club and I want him to stay and become one of the great players at this club."

We will soon see how Arsenal will respond to Wenger’s desire to keep Ashley in Highbury in relation to the turn of events which seem to escalate, more and more, as every day passes in this sorry saga.

We may be able to guess what Ashley wants, but not which club he will play for in the future. We may also never guess all the options Arsene’ has to exploit if Ashley did indeed leave, or if he can convince Ashley to stay at Arsenal, or why he and the club chose to report Chelsea to the FA (It is indeed a blessing that we stood up to Chelsea and their antics). What we may be sure of is that the other players want Ashley to stay on at Highbury.

But Arsenal Times would like to know what every Gunner fan has to say about this entire roller coaster saga or simply ask that they let their voice be heard on this issue. Not just in terms of who is right or wrong, but what should our attitude be towards Cole, or to the Arsenal Board, or even Arsene. Gooners have your say on the forum beneath this article.

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