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Cloughie - Spurs Hell Arsenal Great

By Andy Strouthous
March 30 2005

The great Cloughie "Football is all about opinion, and so is life" died yesterday aged 69. The age of the "bigs" is over, but least he died without besmirching his reputation. When 5 Live tried to tempt anti-French sentiment out of him Clough replied he liked snails but not champagne. He was very complimentary about Arsene and the teams achievement. In his last interview on radio 5 he made it clear he was an admirer of Arsene and the way his team played football. Loving the way Arsenal players caress the ball, even passing to each others favourite foot. He also said that Forest's unbeaten record meant more to him than the back to back European Cups

He supported the miners in their many struggles and often gave them free seats to Nottingham Forest games. He also made clear his hatred for racists and Nazis.

Here are a few quotes to remember him by:

"I haven't just signed a player. I've rescued a lad from hell." After resigning Steve Hodge back from Spurs.

"Clough called me Edward. I told him I preferred Teddy. He said 'Right you are Edward'" Sherringham
It only takes a second to score a goal.

If god had meant football to be played in the air, he'd have put grass in the sky.

I wanted to see the European Cup on my mantelpiece. "Did you?" No the mantelpiece was too small.

Football Hooligans? Well there are 92 club chairmen for a start

Another good point about Cloughie was that Alan Green didn't care for him. So he couldn't be all bad.

Unfortunately I have had to suspend comments due a minority of abusive emails, thanks for the serious comments, if possible I will publish them later.
Thanks to all those who wrote in to point out my error that it was Steve Hodge not Brian Hodge apologies to any offended by that. However nobody disputed my spelling of Hell, or that was what Clough actually said. So I must have got that right.

Finally a few people, possibly Spurs fans, altothough it was difficult to tell as most were incoherent, disputed that Clough had praised Arsenal. Well judge for yourself and listen to the actual broadcast at

Here is an edited version of responses abusive and threatening comments (Mainly by Spurs fans have been removed):
who's Brian Hodge?
# posted by Anonymous : 11:49 AM
Forest player who went to Hell and back to Forest in mid Eighties
# posted by Anonymous : 11:51 AM
Isn't that Steve Hodge????
# posted by Anonymous : 11:58 AM
"I bet their dressing room will smell of garlic rather than liniment over the next few months." On the number of French players at *Ars#nil*

"Everybody hates Arsenal" on why he couldn't be happy that arsenal had broken Forest's record.

Not the biggest Gooner in the world, obviously.
# posted by Anonymous : 11:58 AM
# posted by Anonymous : 12:08 PM
Don't you mean Steve Hodge? I think Cloughie did Spurs a favour, he was awful. One of those mysterious players who everyone can see is poor but still got regular England call ups!! Emile Heskey for eg.
# posted by Anonymous : 12:08 PM

how sad it is that the bitterness of Spurs fans can't let us pay our tributes to a legend of the game .Brian Clough was a one off who deeply moved Wenger with his platitudes about the arsenal side he has created.Poor little Tottenham.When they were the BIG North London club they won a few cups. Now all the scummers can do is twitter on about what Arsenal haven't achived.
# posted by jmf : 12:24 PM
I think you'll find that the quote about grass in the sky was a dig at you goons at the time, during the hundred years of ale house footy before the wenger boys arrived
# posted by Anonymous : 12:27 PM

5 or 6 seasons of good football can not hide the fact that for 100 years you bored the nation to death !!

# posted by Anonymous : 12:33 PM

Listen to the interview for yourself at
The man is full of praise for Arsenal of course he cracks a few jokes, but they arent even 1% of what he says. Cloughie always loved to shock but Arsenal fans are tough enough to take his banter and irony. As a Gooner I have always admired Clough nothing bland from him. To support a club that is praised by him is a dream come true.
The comment above is absolutely right, real Gooners want to pay tribute to a great manager.
# posted by ARSENAL TIMES : 12:33 PM

Brian Clough, one of the greatest managers ever

# posted by Anonymous : 12:34 PM

arsenal c**ts
# posted by Anonymous : 12:38 PM

Why don't you ****, thick spuds fans take a long walk over a very short cliff. You really are pathetic and will never have a decent enough team to win the premiership. 43 years and counting you sad f***s. I imagine half of you were not even born the last time your lot won the league. You are childish twats who are depriving a village of an idiot. Us gooners have won the league as many times as your sad lot on YOUR ground. How funny is that?!?!? Now piss off where you belong - the coca cola championship. Come on Oldham
# posted by Anonymous : 12:54 PM

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