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Who Is To Blame Wenger or Kroenke

By BootyDaddy
April 12 2017

Only the willfully blind can fail to see that there is something rotten in the state of Arsenal. Anyone with at least half a sheep's brain can tell that the club is under achieving, but where should the blame lie? Regular AT poster BootyDaddy  put up the comments below today and it is well worth considering the arguments put here:


Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
BootyDaddy (
12 April, 2017 15:48
There’s still something that puzzles me about this in that some people believe that Kroenke is the fundamental problem and not Wenger, i.e. if we had a different owner, Wenger would all of a sudden turn things round and start challenging for major titles.

Although I fully agree silent Stan should clear off because he hasn’t got any footballing ambitions whatsoever, this is complete and utter nonsense I’m afraid.

Some people still appear to believe that Wenger is being held back in some capacity and that he’s still managed to deliver the miracle of the 4th place trophy every year under these massive financial restrictions set upon him by those rascal board members.

But like I said, its nonsense. You could argue Wenger hit his targets for the 5 years whilst the Emirates was being built and the purse strings tightened, but over the last few seasons, especially, he has been given huge amounts of money to invest in the team and still got further and further away from competing for major honours. Other than giving a about ambition, what else could Kroenke do for his manager …. He backed him in the transfer market and Wenger still messes it all up.

People act like ‘poor Arsene, if only he was given the tools to do his job’ … well he has been, and still failed miserably, worse every year in fact to the point we might not even get the 4th place trophy this year. This is a guy who apparently walks on water and could therefore walk into any job in world football … yet he chooses to stay at this club who hold him and his ambitions back; and the fans of the club he loves so much are robbed blind and deprived of anything success in return as a result.

It’s complete rowlocks I’m afraid, and as well as getting more and more incompetent, he sold us out many years ago, and now, I’m afraid, it’s about time people realised it. I suppose for £8m a year I’d have done the same as him, but when will people wake up and realise it and stop making excuses for this parasite. If he’s not part of the solution, he’s part of the problem and Wenger willingly fronts the boards lies season after season and has even stated 4th place is like a trophy, i.e. he agrees with their shamelss profits first business model.

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