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Bored? Why not complete the AT end of season ARSENAL survey
By Celine Dion
May 22 2012

Here we go again, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate it is time for the Arsenal Times End of Season Survey. No summer would be complete without my team of top trained statisticians and survey-ologists working feverishly around the clock in my garden shed in order to compile this, the most eagerly awaited and all encompassing survey in the modern game. Let’s see if we can get more entries than last year (it won’t be difficult), and please, when you put your answers down, try and be sober enough to make sure they make a BIT of sense, answers like ‘thingy’, ‘What’s his name’ ‘The Everton player’ ‘Can't remember’ will, regrettably be discounted.

Personal Message me, Celine Dion,  the answers (PM facility at bottom of this post) or email to Anything posted up on the public forum will not be counted. Closes in 2 weeks.



Celine Dion.

Season 2011-12



Arsenal Player of the season



Arsenal Player of the season except for Robin Van Persie

Arsenal goal of the season (you are allowed 3, best first)






Arsenal goal of the season if you discount all of Robin Van Persies’



Arsenal Young player of the season (22 years or under)

Most disappointing Arsenal player of the season


Best Goal against

Best Result of the season


Most exciting match of the season

Home atmosphere of the season

Away fans of the season


Arsenal fans chant of the season


Away fans chant of the season


Away trip of the season (for those that go)

Arsenal Assist of the season

Wengers’ biggest achievement of the season

Wengers biggest error of the season

Wengers’ best quote of the season



Wengers most bonkers moment of the season



‘The Golden Squillaci’ award for the biggest Arsenal defensive c*ck up of the season



Non Arsenal section

Best non Arsenal achievement of the season

Best non Arsenal match of the season

Non Arsenal Player of the season (Premier League)



World player of the season

Young non Arsenal Player of the season (23 or under as of date of survey)


Most disliked player of the season

Most disliked manager of the season

Tw*t of the season



Dont go! Managerial sacking you were most disappointed by

The Future

Player we least want to leave Arsenal

Player we least want to leave the club except for Robin Van Persie

Player we most want to leave the club (feel free to list as many as you like, each vote will count as one)

I think Wenger should go this summer

A) Yes

B) No

C) He should have left years ago

D) What? When the good times are just around the corner??? Are you MAD??

Top three players we would most like Arsenal to buy
(most wanted player first)


Spurs player we would most like to see in our team


Manager we would like to see at Arsenal if Wenger leaves

Wenger gets hit by a falling piano, there are no other suitable managerial candidates available. You get the job. What are the first three things you do?







The club

Best thing about the Emirates



Most irritating thing about the Emirates

Inexplicably, you find yourself sitting at the same table as Stan Kroenke at a gala dinner. You have one sentence to tell him what you think of him – GO!





In my view the element holding the club back the most is


a)   Wenger

b)   Kroenke

c)   Gazidis

d)   All of the above

e)   We aren’t being held back




Lets see if things have changed since last year - I would be in favour of an Abramovic style ‘sugar daddy’ purchasing the club and spending millions on players

a) Bring it on

b) Ooooh I just don’t know


c) No, I would rather come 3rd, 4th, or even 5th with things just the way we are.

Do you feel ticket prices on the whole are fair at the Emirates for the level of football/playing staff

a) Yes
b) No
c) Don’t waste my time



Which of these statements do you most agree with


a)   Commercialism is killing football

b)   Commercialism is making football a better spectacle

c)   I don’t have an opinion on commercialism


Sky TV is


a)   Great for UK football

b)   Bad for UK football

c)   Don’t know anything about it


In the last year I have seriously considered (tick as applicable)


a)   Stopping watching live football altogether

b)   Switching to a lower league club for my live football

c)   Switching to a different sport

d)   Going and living as a hermit away from the modern world



A bit about you

How long have you supported Arsenal

Country of residence

Favourite Arsenal player or all time

Favourite other team



Favourite other sport



Next year I plan to go to watch Arsenal


a)   MORE

b)   LESS




Preferred method of preparing eggs



The best beer in the world is





These are my thoughts on the world economic crisis (one sentence only please)





If I could invite one current Arsenal player past or present round my house for Christmas dinner who would it be and why?