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Arsenal Fans Deserve Better Treatment - Save Our Hospital
By Boris and Ian
March 22 2010

Many Arsenal fans know a relative, friend or partner who has given birth in the Whittington Hospital Baby Unit, some were born there. A few years back my great nephew was prematurely born there. The fact that the hospital was only a few miles away from my niece's home played a crucial role in a successful delivery.

Accidents and Emergency

The Whittington Hospital also hosts the most accessible A&E department for users of the Emirates stadium. The proximity of this facility must surely have been a crucial factor when the town planners were weighing up the pros and cons of the stadium's new location.

Unlike football fixtures, hospital visits are invariably unplanned, but spectators come to the Emirates with the peace of mind that the stadium is well served in the event of unfortunate incidents or of a sudden rush to the maternity unit. Sadly, this could all change if the threatened closures get the go-ahead. Health chiefs are exploring ways of restructuring our public health systems and there is a serious risk that we could lose our A&E and maternity departments.

It seems totally crazy to dismantle our well-established infrastructure in this way and it is an insult to all the Arsenal fans who contributed generously to the Whittington's Building for Babies appeal. Unsurprisingly, these proposals have sent shockwaves through every cross-section of the community and on the 27th February, five thousand angry citizens marched the length of Holloway Road to demonstrate public outrage.

Please sign the petition on match days

This is not just a local issue, because workers and visitors have as much right as the local residents to use the A&E department.  So please remember this if you are invited to sign a petition on your way to the Emirates stadium. Your support really counts.

If you want to find out more, then please visit or post a comment below on the forum.

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