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Stoke attempted attack on Wenger Demo Photos Part 1
By Boris Mellor
May 25 2009

Stoke Hooligans Arrive

As the Red Action support Wenger Demo turned into the approach towards the Arsenal stadium a minority of Stoke fans tried to attack it. This was completely unprovoked and uncalled for. The demo was good natured and only interested in supporting Arsene Wenger.

However before anything could happen police on horseback drove the Stoke fans away. My feeling was that much of the bravado came from the fact that the Police were between them and several hundred Gooners. It was a shameful display reminiscent of the 1970s.

The demonstration was not diverted from its purpose, in spite of the fact that the Police held the demonstration back while they cleared away the knuckle draggers.

Below are photos showing the attempted attack and the successful demonstration.

Stoke attack2

Stoke hooligans held back by Police

Stoke attack 3

The beer is shouting

Stoke attack5

The Demo turns in from Holloway Road

Stoke attack 6

Demonstrator confronts abusive Stoke hooligan

stoke attack7

Undeterred the demo continues

stoke attack9

They love Wenger



More Photos of the demo arriving at the stadium in Part 2 here