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By News Desk
January 4 2009

In October 2008 Arsenal submitted a revised set of plans for the Queensland Road development. This is the "brownfield" site that lies to the south of the Emirates Stadium on the other side of the pedestrian ramp. The revised plans include a sports centre, that Arsenal Times helped to campaign for.

If you are a resident of Islington (or if you live on the border of Islington) then Arsenal Times would like you to write to the Council to show your support for Arsenal's plans. This might seem like a strange request, as it is unrelated to professional football, but we are worried that Arsenal's finances could be hurt if the Councillors reject or delay the plans. This in turn could threaten the plans or budget for the sports centre and Arsenal would miss out on opportunities to give something back to the community.
Before you write in, you need to be aware of what you are supporting. The scheme will involve demoliton of existing industrial buildings, followed by construction of shops, cafes, hundreds of new homes and a replacement for the JVC sports centre. The building to the south will be six stories high and will host the social housing. The building to the north will include five towers rising from 10 to 15 floors high, and the proposed sports centre will occupy the first two floors under the first tower block, in place of the controversial cinema. 
The sports centre would operate in a similar way to the old JVC centre at Highbury. It would be run by Arsenal but the community would have access to it. Arsenal will want to use it as a hub to undertake their community activities and at other times it it would be made available to the public. It will help to re-integrate Arsenal with the community and will make the podium area a livelier and safer place on non-match days.

A number of local residents have objected to the height of these buildings and to the density of the housing, but the council planners and the architects are satisfied that the plans are within current guidelines.

If you would like to write to the Council in support of the plans then see the guidelines below.

To see a copy of Arsenal's planning brochure click here


In the e-mail subject put the words "Support for Queensland Road Plans, P082018"
It is not necessary to mention that you are an Arsenal supporter. The councillors just need to know whether you are a local voter.
Send the e-mail to
Copy the e-mail to the following councillors:-,,,,,,,,,,,
Blind copy the e-mail to (or send us a copy afterwards)
Keep your e-mail brief. The councillors could be receiving a lot of e-mails and the important thing is to show the strength of support. Here is a template you could use...
"I am writing to show my support for the Queensland Road redevelopment plans that include a sports centre. I think it is very positive that Arsenal will be able to offer this type of facility back to the community, that they will help to provide hundreds of new affordable homes, and that they will keep people occupied in the construction industry."

Dont forget to:
Supply your name and address at the bottom of the e-mail
If you need further help then post a comment on this forum or send an e-mail to