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Airdrie Kit Aid Amnesty

By Stomp Admin
June 28 2016

On 2nd of July Airdrie will be having it's Wee Fair day and once again Airdrie Supporters Trrust will be championing  Kit Aid and collecting strips in exchange for youth season tickets. Further details can be found of the following poster.... More >

Euro Predictions Day 9 Results

Switzerland and France play out a 0-0 draw, the draw was expected am I saying the result was fixed? the suprise was Albania beating Romania 1-0 to give themselves hope of continuin... More >

Euro Predictions Day 9 results

Belgium finally got got thier finger out and defeated N. Ireland 3-0, Iceland and Hungary battled out a 1-1 draw and then Portugal once again screwed up but this time against Austr... More >

Euro Predictions Day 8 results

Did the Croatian team throw away a lead to make a point to thier support? Either way their match against the Czech Republic went from a 2-0 lead to Croatia to a 2-2 draw which mean... More >

Euro Predictions Day 7 results

I'm beginning to think I need to stricly adhear to the full - goals must be scored in 90 minutes the points i've lost due to last second goals! Ah well that's football.In the early... More >

Euro Predictions Day 5 results

As day five come to a close we learn that having loads of possession doen't always lead to goals as Austria lose 0-2 to Hungary and Portugal are held by Iceland in a 1-1 draw.... More >

Euro Predictions Day 4 results

Today's reults may see a few changes in the world rankings Spain made hard work of beating the Czech Republic 1-0, The Republic of Ireland took and early lead but couldn't hold on ... More >

Euro Predictions Day 3 results

Day three of the Euro Championships comes to a close With victories for Croatia, Poland and Germany and with these results it's all change at the top of the Broomfield Stomp Predic... More >

Euro Predictions day 2 results.

Euro prediction league day two comes to an end with Switzerland and Wales taking full points with England and Russia sharing the spoils. The later busting my coupon and probably lo... More >

Euro Predictions game 1) France 2 vs. 1 Romania

Olivier Giroud' opened the scoring for the competition host's France after Romania should have scored in the opening few minutes of the game. Romania levelled the scoring from the ... More >

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