Unofficial Leeds United
Leeds takeover Mark 2 rumbles on
By Andy Baggott
March 25 2013

What is going on at Leeds?  Honestly.  In all my time, I have never seen such a complete and utter farce from top to bottom at this (once) great club.  We seem to lurch from disaster to disaster and, as a club, are a million miles away from where a club of our size and standing, should be.  

Let's look at some of our recent past - we had the Publicity Pete boom and bust years, followed by a succession of managers who were not fit to lace the boots of the likes of Revie and Wilkinson.  Men like Venables, Blackwell and Wise came and went (with plenty of others).  We've had Bates and his desire to build a property empire rather than a team, we've had the minus 15, and we've had a multitude of players who, let's be honest, haven't been anywhere near good enough to wear the white shirt.

Around a year ago, we thought we'd turned a corner - new money was coming - oil money.  We dreamt of Man City style wealth, buying back the ground, and players good enough to not only take us back to the Premiership, but right towards the top of it.... The takeover dragged on....and on.  Eventually, not long before Christmas, and with pretty much all our dreams pulled back to reality, we got GFHC.  Rather than dance in the street, there was a sense of relief it was over, and of a massive anti climax.  They didn't really seem to have much cash...

They've done some good stuff - the half price season tickets, the reduced fees for next year.  They've done the cheaper seat deals (and been rewarded with the seasons highest attendances).  They've tried....but, and with us, there's always a but... you get the sense that there's not really much substance behind them.  Haigh and Patel, the faces of GFHC have gone from regularly tweeting, so very little correspondance at all.  We've not actually heard a business plan from them at all.  No idea what their short, medium and long term vision is.  No idea if we can compete in the transfer market... and more doubts creep in.  We've also got a manager who is only here until the rest of the season, and a season that has been disapointing at best.

Last week we are now told that there is another takeover in the offing - this coming from GFH - the 'parent company' of GFHC.  They said that talks are underway.  'No they're not' respond GFHC - 'we're just looking for investment'  It hardly fills you with confidence when the owners don't really seem to know what is going on.  GFHC put a statement out on the website, but no real communication - and here is the crux of the matter for me.  I get that there's confidentiallity clauses.  I undetrstand that some elements are sensitive - but come on.  The fans need some transparancy.  We deserve better than what's been dished up.  there was a session to meet the owners - postponed weeks ago and not rearranged.  There is nothing coming from the twitter accounts - nothing groundbreaking on Facebook.  For the last year, we've been left completely in the dark whilst the big boys play business.  What we get is leaks, snippets and half truths.  We have journalists who claim to have the inside track, and sources within the club - yet their stories rarely match, and they can't really tell us too much...

I've said before - this club needs a massive overhaul - top to bottom.  New players (and I'm talking 15 out and 15 in), new manager, stadium back and a club to be proud of.   I don't care who the owner is, I just want my club back.