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Coventry City's October Goal Of The Month Contenders So Far

By CovSid67
October 22 2017

With one game left this month, away to Luton, the contenders so far are as follows....... More >

Coventry Telegraph Article 1 Season 2017/18

Welcome back to that '5pm on a Saturday feeling of crushing disappointment'. You have not been missed.... More >

Four Games, Two Wins, Two Defeats...

It's far to early to claim the wheels have come off the bus, but they're certainly loose.... More >

Coventry City : Those Who Have Left

The new season is almost upon us, and there's almost a sense of optimism amongst some Coventry City fans. Some. Most of us by now know optimism only leads to disappointment....... More >

Coventry Telegraph Article 4 Season 2016/17 (Extended)

On 28th April 2001, Coventry City were losing their second to last home game in the Premiership, against Liverpool. Next season, sixteen years on, we could face Forest Green. ... More >

Coventry Telegraph '30 Years On' FA Cup Article

For me, May 16 1987 was a day I'll never forget, but also a day I can barely remember! This is nothing to do with age(!), nor alcohol(!), but because I never believed 'my team... More >

The Battle For 23rd Place Is Back On....

Goals from Kyel Reid and Kwame Thomas gave Mark Robins his first victory since returning to the club as manager - look out Chesterfield, we're coming for 23rd place!... More >

Dismal Coventry Lose Again

After a brief flirtation with winning a league game, normal service was resumed as an abject Coventry City display allowed Swindon an easy win.... More >

Another Defeat

This time to Fleetwood.... More >

Coventry Telegraph Article 3 Season 2016/17 (OTHER!)

Public Enemy once asked: '(Bass) How low can you go?' Seemingly, in the case of Coventry City, the answer is all the way down. And then a bit more.... More >

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