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OFF TOPIC Airdrie Live and Loud
By Stomp Admin
January 5 2018

A year ago, this week, I was in the final leg of purchasing Clarkston Miners Club after I found out it had gone to the wall. I had been looking for a suitable venue to host live music events and the club ticked all the boxes. My funding was in place, however, the day before I was due to have a site survey completed I found out the building had been broken in to and trashed. The heating system, electric cabling and even gas pipes had been ripped out leaving the hall flooded the roof collapsed and basically in one hell of a state.

As you can imagine I pulled out of the deal shortly after but that hasn’t and won’t stop me looking for a new venue, although maybe not on that scale.

That’s the reasoning behind choosing the Moy Hall for the first Airdrie Live & Loud of 2018. It ticks almost all the same boxes.

With their singer, Kate’s voice returning after illness, Brora Wolf (my band) will be playing alongside Proper Machines and Running Order, plus we hope to have someone else announced soon!

So, if you’re brave enough to give three rock bands you’ve never heard a chance, we will see you on the 21st of January from 5pm, tickets are £5 (plus booking) via you can find the gig by searching Airdrie Live and Loud.

Details can also be found on facebook.

What's this got to do with Airdrie you might ask, well the Bassist with Brora Wolf is our very own Chris Mac and the Drummer of Proper Machines is again our very own Stuart Mathie, if that's not enough to peak your curiosity then I don't know what will.

Airdrie Live and Loud