The Stomp
Another summer of disquiet!
By Stomp Admin
June 5 2017

As the official Airdrie website announces the resignation of the current Chairperson Tom Wotherspoon, the Broomfield Stomp asks will we ever have a quiet summer where we can just look forward to the upcoming season? Whether it's other teams financial stability, incoming or in this case outgoing encumbrants of our own team no one can say being an Airdrie fan is simple.

We're not going to start guessing what the future holds, we're not going to wonder wether Mr Wotherspoons reign has left us with a bright future or in the mire we're simply going to thank him for his time at the club and for being a part of the team responsible for giving us our highest league position in recent times. 

Then we're going to move on and hope for the best.