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Prediction League Wk 7 - Airdrie Vs Peterhead Preview
By The Stomp
August 28 2015

So now that we've recovered lets start again! For tomorrows match we still have long term injuries to Marc Fitzpatric and Jim Lister and again Kevin McBrides injury will be monitored ahead of the game. Rumor is Bryan Gillfilan has left the club but I've not seen any official word on that as yet.

We are also going to have to contend with two ex-Diamonds in the form of Jamie Stevenson and Nathan Blockley add to that Jamie McAllister who already has ten goals under his belt and we could be in for a torrid time.

The Prediction League.

Pesadilla is still riding high at the top of the league and below is how the Diamond fans see the game going.

Prediction Stats Airdrie v Peterhead
Home Win: 50% [20]
Away Win:  17% [7]
Draw: 32% [13]
3-1  2% [1]
2-2  10% [4]
2-1  15% [6]
2-0  17% [7]
1-3  2% [1]
1-2  12% [5]
1-1  10% [4]
1-0  15% [6]
0-2 Percentage2% [1]
0-0  12% [5]

Only two unregistered players in the top ten as Pesadilla holds onto pole position to win Neil Parry's signed shirt at the end of the season.

Deadly Diamond and Callum Ross, you've got until the end of the first quarter of fixtures to register or you will have missed the chance to win the top.

You can see the list of entrants and registration details by Clicking Here and following the instructions.