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Prediction League Week 1 - Annan Vs Airdrie Preview
By Stomp Admin
July 24 2015

Airdrie travel to Annan in the opening round of the Petrofac Challenge Cup which opens this seasons Broomfield Stomp Prediction prediction have you made your prediction yet?

Airdrie have at least two injuries Jim Lister and Marc Fitzpatrick are both sidelined. But as we know there is a squad of players ready to take there place.

If you haven't taken part in the prediction league here are a few instructions :-

Step 1) Sign in to the Broomfield Stomp.
Step 2) On the side panel of the Stomp message board click Prediction League.
Step 3) Enter the score you and predicting.
Final Step) Make sure you press Predict at the bottom of the page.

Remember you have until kick off to make your predictions and nothing can be done if you miss that deadline.

So far the predictions look like this.

Prediction Stats Annan v Airdrie
Home Win: Percentage 9% [2]
Away Win: 85% [18]
Draw: Percentage 4% [1]
2-2 Percentage 4% [1]
11-3 Percentage 4% [1]
1-3 Percentage 14% [3]
1-2 Percentage 19% [4]
1-0 Percentage 4% [1]
0-4 Percentage 4% [1]
0-3 Percentage 4% [1]
0-2 Percentage 28% [6]
0-1 Percentage 14% [3]

As always if your name is not on this list you will not be entiltled to win any of the prizes.

Click Here for the list and details of how to enter.