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Itsagoal League

By Webmaster
December 26 2002

To participate in our Itsagoal fantasy manager game all you have to do is register with (IAG) before the start of season 10 (around the end of October) and e-mail or post your team name and division on the message board.

What is - is a totally Free Fantasy Manager game which allows you to manage your own team. can be found at

What can you do?? - You wont get bored when playing itsagoal, you don’t just get the chance to manage your own team, you also can make transfers, change ticket prices, develop your stadium, offer players new contracts, set match tactics, sign and sack staff. You can even increase the amount of toilets in your ground, improve your floodlights, maintain your pitch and even add a scoreboard.

Is it realistic?? - Itsagoal is very realistic, you can do everything you would if you were a manager/chairman of a club in real life. The more you login to itsagoal the better your teams ratings and moral will be. The directors of your team will be just like proper directors, you wont be able to buy players until the board are happy with your management of your team.

When do you play?? - Every week day!! You wont get bored as you play 1 league game everyday. This means you will always have things to do, and each season is over within two months. If you wish you can play up to three friendlies against yours friends per day.

How do I get points for the CCFC Itsagoal league table?? - All you have to do is either e-mail me or post your team name and division on the message board. The points you gain will go towards the CCFC league table (eg 3 for a win, 1 for a draw) and also you can gain bonus points through the managerial ratings on the itsagoal site.

When does it start?? - We’ll start when the 10th season on itsagoal begins. The 9th season has just began so it will be at the end of October. I strongly suggest that you register now so that you can get to know your team and strengthen your team if needed. has closed down, but Itsagoal 2 is in the development stages.

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