We Are Not Dead Yet ..........
By Badge32
October 9 2017

........ But the fat lady is gearing up for the final song should she be needed. I am going to give it a few more weeks to see how things go. Last week was the best we have had for a long time, However it has dropped very quiet again over the past day or two.

I have added two new forums which are up and running.

1: The Bullocks Board - For all your non sporting topics. 

2: The Sports Page - FOr all sport stuff that is not Wolves related.

I have removed the overall league tables as Statto.com has now ceased to run. I obtained all the tables from there as it was the best site. I have looked for others but none was any good.

I have also set up a memory lane page, This is where all the old encounters will now go and I plan to add some other old fotage I may find during international breaks (If the site survives to the next break that is).

I will try to start and catch up on a few other pages i was doing and may try and think of a few more projects that may help.

Lets hope we can pick things up and get this place thriving again. I do look at the stats and we get loads of visitors but no one seems to post which is the real problem. If you are on reading to add a post. It can be a small one or something long, I don't care as long as you post.