Top Crewe
Managers View of Derby
By Michael Rowland
November 1 2010


Dario Gradi & Micky Adams view on penalty decision

Crewe boss Dario Gradi has stated that his side have what it takes to go on another unbeaten run following their 11 match unbeaten streak came to an end at the weekend. Port Vale were awarded a controversial penalty following keeper Rhys Taylor's save against the on rushing Gary Roberts.

Gradi told the BBC following the game: "You don't go all season unbeaten, we've had a good run, now we've got to pick ourselves up and start that run again."

"It was a controversial penalty then which won it for us here last season, although it was proven to be a correct decision later. This time it was as controversial penalty the other way. That too could turn out to be the correct decision, but the view among my players was that it wasn't. Until I see it again I can't be sure."

Meanwhile Vale boss Micky Adams did not mince his words when asked about the decision: "It was a clear penalty, Dario said last year it was a clear penalty to them, so it was a stonewall penalty for us this year - everything evens itself, doesn't it Dario?"