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Coventry Telegraph Article 1 Season 2017/18

By CovSid67
September 2 2017

Welcome back to that '5pm on a Saturday feeling of crushing disappointment'. You have not been missed.... More >

Four Games, Two Wins, Two Defeats...

It's far to early to claim the wheels have come off the bus, but they're certainly loose.... More >

Coventry City : Those Who Have Left

The new season is almost upon us, and there's almost a sense of optimism amongst some Coventry City fans. Some. Most of us by now know optimism only leads to disappointment....... More >

Coventry Telegraph Article 4 Season 2016/17 (Extended)

On 28th April 2001, Coventry City were losing their second to last home game in the Premiership, against Liverpool. Next season, sixteen years on, we could face Forest Green. ... More >

Coventry Telegraph '30 Years On' FA Cup Article

For me, May 16 1987 was a day I'll never forget, but also a day I can barely remember! This is nothing to do with age(!), nor alcohol(!), but because I never believed 'my team... More >

The Battle For 23rd Place Is Back On....

Goals from Kyel Reid and Kwame Thomas gave Mark Robins his first victory since returning to the club as manager - look out Chesterfield, we're coming for 23rd place!... More >

Dismal Coventry Lose Again

After a brief flirtation with winning a league game, normal service was resumed as an abject Coventry City display allowed Swindon an easy win.... More >

Another Defeat

This time to Fleetwood.... More >

Coventry Telegraph Article 3 Season 2016/17 (OTHER!)

Public Enemy once asked: '(Bass) How low can you go?' Seemingly, in the case of Coventry City, the answer is all the way down. And then a bit more.... More >

Coventry Telegraph Article 3 Season 2016/17

I turned forty-nine recently. I've supported Coventry City for almost all of those years, ever since I knew what football was. ... More >

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