Chelsea FC
By Gary Watton
October 1 2017

Congratulations to Manchester City on a thoroughly deserved triumph at Stamford Bridge, and were it not for a few decent saves from Tibo Courtois, then the margin of victory would have been greater. Ultimately it was Tibo's fellow countryman Kevin de Bruyne who stabbed his former club with an exquisite goal halfway through the second half. Chelsea, for all their industry, rarely looked like scoring - a fact not helped by Morata's departure from the proceedings after half an hour. Unfortunately Conte's Chelsea, rather like Mourinho's Chelsea, seem intent on defending in numbers and trying to mug opponents on the break. Our opponents by contrast attack in numbers and suffocate you by closing down our defenders and successfully thwarting our attempts to pass the ball out from the back. Chelsea didn't seem to have the nous to circumvent this strategic stranglehold.

Now six points adrift of two Mancunian teams who thus far don't look like dropping too many points, the champions look more likely to attain the bronze medal in the race for the Premier League title. Having said that, the Blues have played three title contenders in their first seven fixtures, emerging with a far from disastrous four points, and maybe they can fill their boots against lesser teams, while ManUre finally have to cope with some difficult opponents. Furthermore, the terrible twins of Manchester still have to play each other twice, so someone has to drop points in those engagements. Chelsea also have an identical number of points from the same stage last year, but then it's highly improbable that they can embark on another lengthy run of successive wins. They may have to, if they want to cope with the early pace of the Manchester clubs.


CHELSEA 0 Manchester City 1; half time: 0-0


CHELSEA: Courtois; Cahill; Azpilicueta; Alonso; Rudiger; Christensen; Kante; Bakayoko; Morata; Fabregas; Hazard. Used substitutes: William; Batshuayi; Pedro


CHELSEA leading scorers:

Morata seven

Batshuayi five

Alonso two

Pedro two