Chelsea FC
A Rare Stalemate
By Gary Watton
September 17 2017

Chelsea recorded their first league draw of this campaign and their first draw at home during the managerial tenure of Antonio Conte. On the positive side, the English champions still haven't conceded a goal in open play since that traumatic first half against Burnley. There appears to be something approaching defensive solidity. The Blues are still only three points off the leading duo from Manchester who are already being hyped to the hilt as competitors in a two-horse race. On the other hand, Chelsea have now only won one of their last five matches against Arsenic. Furthermore, the terrible twins of Manchester are sweeping all before them, with goals a-plenty. Chelsea by contrast are seemingly not on that cosmic level at present. With the dynamic Eden Hazard being eased back into the picture, the champions need to crank up the quality in their performances, or they will get left behind by the two frontrunners.

CHELSEA 0 Arsenal 0; half time: 0-0


CHELSEA: Courtois; Azpilicueta; Cahill; Fabregas; Alonso; Luiz; Pedro; Kante; Morata; Willian; Moses. Used substitutes: Hazard; Bakayoko; Christensen


CHELSEA leading scorers:

Morata three

Alonso two

Batshuayi two

Azpilicueta one

Bakayoko one

Fabregas one

Kante one

Luiz one

Pedro one

Zappacosta one