Chelsea FC
Alonso Double Silences Tottenham
By Gary Watton
August 20 2017

After the Burnley debacle, normal service has resumed, with the champions enjoying a routine win against their Wembley punch bags of Tottensham Hotspur. This isn't to suggest that the manner of victory was a stroll in the park. Chelsea certainly deserve credit for seemingly overcoming the odds, winning when their squad was partially depleted and they were written off. Maybe the doom merchants who have been predicting a repeat of the meltdown of 2015 are very wide of the target. Chelsea's characteristic resilience and team spirit was out there in abundance. However, for all the praise for this most welcome of wins, I have concerns about the team.

The Blues possess much quality, so why do we permit ourselves to be outplayed regularly by the likes of both north London clubs and Manchester Mercenaries and Liverfools too? True, Chelsea have adopted a regular strategy of soaking up pressure against major competitors and still emerging with a win. It's not just a Mourinho bus-parking approach but clearly a Conte Italian-style approach. However Chelsea can't go through life clinging on to one goal leads. They will not always get away with that - and indeed nearly got caught out when Tottenham scratched out a late equaliser. As far as I am concerned, Chelsea should be ambitious enough to aspire to emulate Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. The thing is: how many of this illustrious trio of clubs would put most of their players behind the ball and allow Rottenham to dominate possession? Answer is none! Chelsea need to start bossing games and running rings around all teams. They are after all supposed to be the best team in England. It's time that they played with more positivity and guile, instead of camping in their own half for long periods. Even allowing for the heroics of Courtois, Dave, and Luiz, it doesn't make for easy viewing.


Tottenham Hotspur 1 CHELSEA 2; half time: 0-1

CHELSEA goal scorer: Alonso (two)

CHELSEA team: Courtois; Azpilicueta; Luiz; Christensen; Alonso; Rudiger; Bakayoko; Kante; Morata; Moses; Willian. Used substitutes: Batshuayi; Pedro