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Barnsley 4 - 2 Fleetwood

By Red Army
April 18 2019

This match will be remembered for all the wrong reasons as Fleetwood boss Joey Barton allegedly assaulted Daniel Stendel in tunnel afterwards. We wish Stendel a speedy recovery from his injuries and if Barton is found guilty then there is surely no place in football for him after this but that is not what we want to focus on in this article.... More >

Barnsley v Doncaster Past Results

A look at previous results between Barnsley and Doncaster Rovers.  ... More >



Extensive negotiations with his agent have led to Barnsley's very own Celebrity Monkey settling in for the season here at The Red Whine. Nobody is quite like Monkey so his view should never fail to amuse or at the very least amaze you...


Our fans gallery is regularly updated so be sure to take a look and see if you're in it. If you have any photos of Barnsley fans or taken at a match then send it in for inclusion in the gallery...


Each week TRW will bring you a unique look into the world of football by a qualified referee. Whether he's discussing controversial decisions down at Oakwell or just another case of 98 minutes injury time being played when Man Utd are 1-0 down at home ther's no doubt it should be an interesting read...