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Son of Dion Comes To Rescue Of Arsenal Times
By Son of Dion
June 24 2018

Arsenal Times recently put out an appeal for more articles from readers to help keep the site open, older readers promised a response but whilst they still dither it took a ten year old to respond immediately. The ten year old son of regular contributor Celine Dion (no not that one) was so concerned at ATs future that he put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and wrote a cracking article about how he and his dad feel about next season. Its a good read and I know its how I feel so without further ado here it is below
My dad mentioned that Arsenal Times needed articles so I decided to write one. As you may know, my dad LOVES football and beer (mostly beer) but anyway his favourite team has always been Arsenal, and he always promised to take me one day to one of the games but when I was 7 we moved away to Exeter; and although my dad has supported Arsenal since he was 6 I noticed over time he started to lose interest in his childhood team. This seemed strange to me as he used to always go to their matches and had lots of shirts from over time in his flat, and is still to this day full of Arsenal merchandise which consists of programmes all the way to Arsenal mugs.
Since he has stopped watching Arsenal he started to take me to lower league games (Southend, and now Exeter city) and thats when I started to love not only playing but watching football. My biggest football highlight yet would be when Southend got promoted to league 1. Saturday night, Southend vs Wycombe, league 2 play off 2015, I was incredibly sad when Southend let in a curling free kick by Wycombe quite late on in extra time, but to my surprise 30, with seconds left to go a cross was whipped in and Piggot was in the box ready to hit a volley through the defenders legs and then the keepers to bring the game to penalties. When the penalties started I couldn’t sit still, I was even more happy when my childhood hero Daniel Bentley saved the last penalty. I was overjoyed.
That day was the day  my dad told me that this was the joy you only feel in football and I knew that was true because he had shown me some of the games he had been at , including the invincible season and before that when Arsenal won the league with George Graham, and he showed me some pictures of the north bank with everyone jumping up and down like maniacs. So I asked him why he wasn’t so excited about Arsenal anymore, he replied with one word “Wenger”. Now being honest I knew what he meant : not buying good defensive players, often finishing 4th or below and losing to Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and lots of other teams. And not only losing games but losing our best players including Van Persie, Sanchez, Nasri and lots more. He has always got me Arsenal shirts and tried to get me into them. Arsenal became my big team but like my dad I could never get too excited because of lots of mistakes the team made, like missing important headers, getting dominated and just getting bullied in defence. Wenger never concentrated on defence and had a lot of good attackers like Lacazette, Ramsay and Ozil, while looking at the defence you see Chelsea reject Petr Cech and OAP Mertesacker, and mine and my dad’s least favourite player Mustafi who seems to be to blame for half the goals we let in. Even good footballers like Bellerin seemed to get dominated by teams like Brighton and Watford.
Unai Emery (right) with chief executive Ivan Gazidis on the pitch after a press
One day my dad called me sounding very happy, in my confusion I asked him what the matter was and to my surprise he said the Wenger had ‘left’ and i was nearly as happy as he was.
Now we do feel excited to watch Arsenal play and we both cant wait for the start of the season. I have been watching compilations on youtube on all the new signings like Leno, and Torreira who hasn’t signed YET, but it is said he is guaranteed to come. The things Torreira does are amazing and practicing to be a defender like I am i could learn lots of tips off the blocks and strong tackles he does. It’s like Emery has listened to me and my dad’s conversations because he has actually brought defensive players. The team already has very good attacking players and now they hopefully can focus on just attacking and not having to worry about losing the ball and getting back.
Now this season we want a really reliable team, my dad says don’t expect miracles because Man City and Man United have more money and nobody can do anything about that. To come higher than 4th and actually qualify for the champions league unlike last season would be really good start for Emery. We would be happy with a more powerful team and one that can give us moments of joy when we least expect it like that day watching Southend all those years ago, which is what really got me into football.