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Who Is To Blame Wenger or Kroenke

By BootyDaddy
April 12 2017

Only the willfully blind can fail to see that there is something rotten in the state of Arsenal. Anyone with at least half a sheep's brain can tell that the club is under achieving, but where should the blame lie? Regular AT poster BootyDaddy  put up the comments below today and it is well worth considering the arguments put here:... More >

Wenger (20 years pt 2) Is it back to the future?

   Having given an overview of Wenger's first 20 years, in Part 1, most fans are more interested in what will happen in the next two. What are the possibilties if Wenger... More >

Invincibles to Invisibles Wenger's 20 Years Part 1

The Rise and Fall, and Fall of Arsene Wenger: this article covers the first 20 years of Arsene's Arsenal career, a man who as Lothar Matthaus opined of Guardiola “c... More >

Plane To See Wenger Should Go Player Ratings

Clearly Wenger no longer motivates the team, and the collapse in morale must mean that a shed load of players are planning to leave Wenger's sinking rat in the summer. How come Ozi... More >

How anyone can think Wenger isn't finished? Player Ratings

Right, first things first; that tie was over long before kick off tonight, obviously. At no point did I ever think we were going to produce some sort of miracle and turn it around,... More >

Player Ratings v The Team That Ate All The Pies

Arsenal got through a mainly uneventful 5th round tie v Sutton, there were no great performances by Arsenal players, and MotM went to a Sutton player. Sutton played well, but sadly... More >

Alexis Hands In Arsenal's Response Player Ratings

Well I'm not really sure we can call that a "response" but... Here are the player ratings...... More >

Wenger's Invisibles Player Ratings

Nowhere near Chelsea, tactically, physically, or in the league.... More >

What's wrong with this team? Player Ratings

First half embarrassing. Yet again we were slow starting and had no answer for an energetic, hard-working team who pressed us high. We conceded too awful goals, were always open at... More >

Any chance we can get Wenger ban extended? Player Ratings

I was worried when I saw we’d drawn Southampton and I was even more worried when I saw our starting XI, but I calmed down immensely once I’d seen Southampton’s st... More >