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World Cup Prediction League 2018
By Stomp Admin
May 13 2018

Let me start by thanking everyone for their participation in the 2017 - 2018 competition. Being a part of the competition and watching it come down to the final day once again was probably the most excitement we had all season.  Entry to the World Cup 2018 Prediction league will cost £5.40 - £5 going towards a 2018 – 2019 season ticket and unfortunately 0.40p going to Paypal. The winner will receive a voucher towards a season ticket to the value of the cash raised from the entries. The Broomfield Stomp will put in £25 but we I will not be entering. The competition will start with the kick off, of the first match in the 2018 World Cup.

The Rules

1) You must have a Broomfield Stomp User name to enter and it must be included when making the payment via PayPal.

2) To enter you must have paid £5.40 using the PayPal link below, I will not accept any other forms of payment. (If you give me £5 cash I will assume you owed me it and spend it on beer). 

You do not need a PayPal account to enter; there is an option to pay via a debit or credit card on the checkout screen.

Stomp User Name:-



3) All payments must be made before 3pm of the first match of the 2018 World Cup competition. This date will be confirmed as soon as the fixtures are announced.

4) If you do not make your prediction before any match kicks off there is nothing I can do.

5) A list of competitors will be produced and attached to this page, if your name is not on that list then you have not paid your £5.40 and you will not be entitled to the prize.

6) All matches will be over 90minute regulation time. As it’s league matches only there will be no penalties or extra time.

7) The winner of the prediction league will be deemed as whoever’s name sits top of the prediction league table.

8) The prediction league cannot be locked to paid entrants only; so anyone can take part but only those who have paid the £5.40 before the first match kicks off will win any of the prizes.

9) There will be no cash alternative offered.

On a side note thanks to everyone who has supported the various prediction leagues over the seasons, I’m very great full.