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Pred Game 25 Alloa 2 Vs 1 Airdrie - relegation battle begins

By Stomp Admin
February 26 2017

Ahead of yesterdays match against Alloa I had a little hope that we could still pull maintain a play off spot, yesterdays defeat killed that hope and with eleven games to go I now believe that within the next three weeks we will be fighting to avoid a relegation spot never mind fighting for a promotion play off spot. ... More >

Prediction League Game 25 Alloa Vs Airdrie

Airdie travel to Alloa tomorrow for the battle of 2nd vs. 3rd in the SPFL Division one, so far this season Airdrie have taken all six points from Alloa between them 2-1 both times.... More >

Prediction League Week 24 Airdrie 0 Vs.4 Livingston

One more loss to Livingston this season and they get to keep us on thier mantle piece. In the first half only a spectacular strike from Sean Crighton, after Adam Brown failed once ... More >

Prediction League Week 24 Airdrie Vs. Livingston

Airdrie host Livingston tomorrow in what will be the fourth time the teams have met and Airdrie have taken nothing from them, now I don't say that to be negative as i'm one of thos... More >

Prediction League Week 23 Airdrie 4 Vs. 1 Peterhead

Airdrie had gone seven games without a win ahead of yesterdays match against Peterhead and I think most fans were looking more at the teams below us, with no possibility of a victo... More >

Prediction League Week 22 Stenhousemuir 4 Vs.2 Airdrie

Sorry to remind you all of the disaster of a match from the weekend I actually thought i had done this update but I have been busy at work and with my band so please accept my humb... More >

Prediction League Week 22 Stenhousemuir Vs. Airdrie

All the prediction are in or should be for the Stenhousemuir Vs. Airdrie match, at what could be a very snowy Ochilview going by the weather in Airdrie at the moment. Does anyone n... More >

Fans Man of the match Vs. East Fife

It feels like forever since the 2-2 draw against East Fife and for his performance in the first have Scott Stewart has won the fans man of the match with Andy Ryan getting second s... More >

Prediction League Week 21 Airdrie 2 Vs. 2 East Fife

It's difficult to know how to spin yesterdays 2-2 draw against East Fife, I could go with we prevented East Fife going on a seven match winning run, fun to think we brought it a ha... More >

Fans Man of the Match Vs. Queens Park

Airdrie fans have made our selection for the fans man of the match for our disastarous performance and 2-1 defeat against Queens Park. Jack Lietch picks up his first accolade just ... More >