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Re: Next up: Gateshead (H)
Posted by: Yiggsy
Date: 10/04/2018 19:03
I've injured myself in the pre-match warm-up so can't make it to PP this evening... my knee started to play up on the way to the shop to grab a few cans. sad smiley

I am confidently predicting a match full of pressure by TRFC on the Gateshead goal, both the bar and the post hit, two clear penalties not given to us, their GK M-O-T-M and Gateshead on the break scoring a totally unwarranted winner. 0-1.

p.s. I am not related to either Mystic Meg or Nostradamus so I have utmost confidence in my prediction being crap!

Keep the faith! winking smiley

Come on the Rovers!

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