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“Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
BootyDaddy (IP Logged)
12 April, 2017 15:48
There’s still something that puzzles me about this in that some people believe that Kroenke is the fundamental problem and not Wenger, i.e. if we had a different owner, Wenger would all of a sudden turn things round and start challenging for major titles.

Although I fully agree silent Stan should f.uck off because he hasn’t got any footballing ambitions what so ever, this is complete and utter nonsense I’m afraid.

Some people still appear to believe that Wenger is being held back in some capacity and that he’s still managed to deliver the miracle of the 4th place trophy every year under these massive financial restrictions set upon him by those rascal board members.

But like I said, its nonsense. You could argue Wenger hit his targets for the 5 years whilst the Emirates was being built and the purse strings tightened, but over the last few seasons especially he has been given huge amounts of money to invest in the team and still got further and further away from competing for major honours. Other than giving a about ambition, what else could Kroenke do for his manager …. He backed him in the transfer market and Wenger still f.ucks it all up.

People act like ‘poor Arsene, if only he was given the tools to do his job’ … well he has been, and still failed miserably, worse every year in fact to the point we won’t even get the 4th place trophy this year. This is a guy who apparently walks on water and could therefore walk into any job in world football … yet he chooses to stay at this club who hold him and his ambitions back and the fans of the club he loves so much are robbed blind and deprived of anything success in return as a result.

It’s complete b.ollocks I’m afraid and as well as getting more and more incompetent, he sold us out many years ago now I’m afraid and it’s about time people realised it. I suppose for £8m a year I’d have done the same but when will people wake up and realise it and stop making excuses for this parasite. If he’s not part of the solution, he’s part of the problem and Wenger willingly fronts the boards lies season after season and has even stated 4th place is like a trophy, i.e. he agrees with their shamelss profit first business model.

Wake up.

Albert Einstein once said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

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Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
mapleleafgooner (IP Logged)
12 April, 2017 16:00
Wenger is now found out by the new calibre of talented coaches and he has no answers to compete with them on the field and on the transfer market. In fact I think Silent Stan had been great for Wenger as he is allowed to do his job unimpeded. No one looking over his shoulders. Wenger basically can do what he wants and not have to worry about it with Silent Stan around. Another owner would have been less generous with Wenger.

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
AJ The Gunner (IP Logged)
12 April, 2017 18:40
YES!!! finally someone echoes my thoughts. I bought the same lies that perhaps Stan wasn't giving Wenger sufficient funds to invest in new quality players till I saw a pattern. his indecisions to buy players, then the finally option , then his woeful tactics and serial mistakes and substitutions. those are not Stans fault.
when we blame our players, we are getting it wrong. I am so sure that another manager will get a better result with these same team but not Wenger cos he is finished.

Wenger Is Gone Now So Can We Be Allowed To Breathe Now???

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
Eboractos (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 12:20
The shambolic marking at set pieces, turning up late to a game, not knowing that there is no captain on the pitch - all of these are indications of the big problem with Wenger these days which is that there is a lack of attention to detail. And all the while Sir Chips and Kroenke are happy to let Wenger rule the roost without any pressure on him to do his job better nothing is going to change.

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
Merlion96 (IP Logged)
15 April, 2017 03:00
The extra £50m from the new TV Broadcasting Deal will cover all the deficits on missing the CL Cup competition for the next 3 seasons.

That is, Silent Stan can offer to miss out on CL Cup competition with a loss of £45m per season.

Silent Stan knew that Arsenal FC is a marquee brand-name and what Gazidis is doing now is to enhance by trebling or quadrupling all those major sponsorships in the coming seasons with Emirates, Puma or Adidas, etc. But with no successes on the pitch, Gazidis will have less room to maneuver.

But as long as Arsenal Holdings plc remain profitable every FY, Silent Stan couldn't care less on winning silverware for Arsenal fans.

Arsene Wenger is doing a fine job in controlling expenditures with his socialist salary scale when concurrently maintaining a competitive team that qualifies for semi-finals and qtr-finals in domestic cup competitions now and then. Plus, any appearances in European competition is a bonus.

Silent Stan and Gazidis had factored in all these issues eons ago when instructing Arsene Wenger to control costs to maintain profitability. Plus Silent Stan had said in not so many words that he bought Arsenal FC not to please fans, not to win silverwares but as a profitable professional sport business which was undervalued then.

Surely Arsenal fans, especially at AT, are not so deluded as to believe Silent Stan bought Arsenal FC to win glories at any costs like Abramovich, Abu Dhabi sheikhs and Qatar sheikhs?

Silent Stan does not believe in Keynesian Economics that you needed to spend to expand the Economy which in turn will generate taxation revenues to pay off the investments.
And why Chelski turnovers and revenue streams are now matching and surpassing Arsenal revenue streams simply that successes on the pitch generate and grow the broadcasting and commercial businesses as well.
And when Chelski completed their new 60,000-seater stadium, their matchday revenues will equal and even surpasses that of Arsenal too.

Similarly, PSG and Man City turnovers had now surpass Arsenal's due to their successes on the pitch as well "financial doping" in state-owned enterprises pumping in advertising and sponsorship revenues to the football clubs. ... which Silent Stan fails to do with his USA-owned enterprises pumping in their advertising and sponsorship revenues into Arsenal FC.

Instead, like what the Glazer Family did to ManU, Silent Stan is using Arsenal FC as a leverage to borrow money to finance his US$2-billion Ingelwood project. That is, Arsenal FC will enter another "decade of financial restraints" due to its assets being mortgaged by Silent Stan to finance his LA Rams Stadium.

Plus, St. Lious is suing him US$1-billion for moving LA Rams to Ingelwood ... which will again over-stresses his financial capability as he needed to set aside funds in case he loses that case.

Arsenal FC will again enter into a period of financial uncertainty due to Silent Stan USA operations and will leave Josh Kroenke and Gazidis to handle Arsenal FC.

Silent Stan cannot afford to have instability on both sides of the Pond and why he is desperate for Arsene Wenger to sign on to retain stability and continuity.

Arsene Wenger knew that he had Silent Stan over the barrel, hence bidding his time to watch how the situation develop and how fast will all those anti-Wenger demonstrations grow. AT the moment, BSM can't even get 1,000 fans to demonstrate publicly.
Nor AST is able to persuade 10,000 Arsenal fans to boycott all Emirates matches.

Arsene Wenger will certainly leave if the following happened:
#1 - increasing public demonstrations every weekend with 1,000+ Arsenal fans or more;
#2 - at least 10,000 Arsenal fans refusing to turn-up for home matches;
#3 - Arsenal shirts burning at Emirates;
#4 - public demonstrations and wide-spread anti-Wenger banners at Wembley.
#5 - dramatic drop in merchandise sales with Arsenal fans boycotting 2017/18 merchandise.

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
AJ The Gunner (IP Logged)
15 April, 2017 07:15
All valid points but the one fact that cannot be guaranteed is that Wenger will bring stability if he continues for 2 more seasons.

"Silent Stan cannot afford to have instability on both sides of the Pond and why he is desperate for Arsene Wenger to sign on to retain stability and continuity."

There is surely a limit to what fans can endure. granted the flip flop turn up for protests is enough to buy Wenger time but if the results on the pitch do not match up, fans unrest will grow and get more ugly.

What Wenger has going is that Arsenal fans are very tolerant. crash out of the fa cup, miss 4th place finish..... As long as we avoid such scandalous defeats like the 5:1's, the fans will chill.

Wenger Is Gone Now So Can We Be Allowed To Breathe Now???

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
MattySadler (IP Logged)
15 April, 2017 08:18
Yeah I see people bashing Kroenke on Twitter like he is the reason Wenger has been sh*t for years. Inaccurate.

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
grayfox1 (IP Logged)
15 April, 2017 12:05
Kroenke is the reason we are where we are. We have the least ambitious owner (football-wise) in top 10 who is worried only about making money.

They are a perfect match for each other.

But for this club Kroenke is cancer. Wenger is HIV.

Re: “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club”
Bergmars (IP Logged)
15 April, 2017 20:14
It's Wenger's recruitment and poor tactics/ game management that is to blame.We have players who are massively​ under achieving.

A shadow of what we were

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