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Are we all f*cked?
Shane (IP Logged)
06 September, 2017 22:25
Six weeks of my five-month stint in Canada was spent on a chicken and duck farm in Perth, Ontario, where myself and the two owners - Rob and Catherine, who were in their 60s - would regularly discuss the long-term future of the world. These slightly morbid conversations would typically happen after dinner because there was literally nothing better to do.

The best DVD in their 25-strong collection was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and there was a monthly data allowance on their Wifi so, sadly, no Netflix. So we had depressing and deep discussions about the world almost every night. Well, they weren't so much discussions as they were 90-minute lectures on how I shouldn't have children, because the planet, according to them, is going to hell in a handbasket.

They live in the middle of nowhere, about a 25-minute drive from Perth, in a self-sufficient paradise where they grow most of their own vegetables - onions, asparagus (or gus as they call it), lettuce, chives, all sorts of shite - and slaughter their own chickens and ducks for meat obviously.

The idea behind this, and their insistence that I should wear rubbers at all costs, is because Rob and Catherine - who have no children - are convinced that climate change is going to have catastrophic consequences on our planet in the very near future.

One day I noticed Catherine staring out the window, sort of moist under the eyes. It hadn't stopped raining for a couple of days straight, to the point where Quebec, about three hours away, had to declare a state of emergency due to "unprecedented" flooding. This was early May, whereas the previous summer there was a drought with a record-low rainfall which obviously affects crops and what have you. Incidentally, I was in Montreal in the aftermath of the flooding and it was 35 degrees celsius for a couple of days straight which, again, was unusual for that time of the year.

"I get anxious on days like this," she goes, genuinely a bit depressed. It wasn't the rain itself, which can bring about the blues in anyone - it was the implication of such rainfall. It was the fact that mankind is causing the weather to change and that she and Rob are very much in the minority of people who know - and care - about the issue.

I wasn't there in June when Trump pulled out of the climate change agreement, but I imagine it summoned a rage in her so strong that little Rob - who is genuinely about 5 foot 3 - must've hid in the nearest cupboard for a day or two.

I was quite skeptical - and particularly because Catherine revealed to me that she previously worked as a fortune teller - about many of their claims, often naively suggesting that "the smart people" would get a handle on this climate change thing before it's too late, but now I can't help but shake the feeling that she and Rob were spot-on all along.

Sh*t is getting real. Hurricane Irma wasn't caused by climate change, but scientists believe it made it a lot worse than it would've been had the planet been healthy in that regard.

I should state that even after spending six weeks with these people, I still don't really know what climate change is. Most of the time I was dreaming about having a joint, a smoke, a Subway or a w*nk - four luxury behaviours during my time there - but the principle rubbed off on me: we, as a planet, are f*cked and I'm now much more aware, much more sensitive to weather - good and bad.

I find myself struggling to enjoy really sunny days because my time with Mr and Mrs Doomsday has taught me that it's a smokescreen for something a lot more sinister.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the North Korea bollox, which appears to be an entirely serious threat or a very different nature, but on the whole it seems like a very pivotal time for Earth and time will tell what happens.

Hold me.

Re: Are we all f*cked?
Goofle (IP Logged)
07 September, 2017 11:29
I don't think I could have lasted a week with those poor @#$%&.

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Re: Are we all f*cked?
Shane (IP Logged)
07 September, 2017 13:07
It was great actually. I realised that not having much to do isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I ate clean, good food for six weeks, barring the odd trip to Perth where I'd sneak off for a Subway and a fizzy beverage of some description; built muscle by bringing an axe up and down about 500 times a day to split wood; built sweat lodges for their native friends out of willow trees; learnt about soil; learnt about herding chickens and ducks and cleaning their shite-laden coups; read a lot of books - including one about knots, which will no doubt excite Flava - and overall immersed myself in a very different culture.

Re: Are we all f*cked?
Padre Pio (IP Logged)
08 September, 2017 14:21
A good read, lets hope the solar system is colonised soon so we can escape somewhere.
Hopefully Irma will destroy Trumps estate in Florida.

Yes Climate change might not be the only cause, or the cause of these storms, but certainly makes it far worse. The Typhoons in South East Asia have been the worst ever this year, and to some extent later than usual.
The heating up of the oceans means that Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons all pick up more water, warm water that speeds up the speed of these events and creates more rainfall than ever before.

This is the worst year ever world wide, almost every continent has had excessive record breaking weather.

Meanwhile its fecking freezing here. I nearly froze to death at Lords yesterday and bad light stopped play, which was a relief as I could retreat to the warmth of the tube.
On the bright side there is now more renewable energy being produced every day now than ever.

Also electric cars will be in the majority within ten years in Europe, and Trump cant stop that in the USA. Buy a Tesla with 200 miles range and you get free fuel for life and it takes only twenty minutes to re charge. Petrol will soon become an outdated fuel.

It might get worse before it gets better, but there are real chances for it to get better, unless the fat boy and the orange wonder start throwing nukes.

- until Wenger moves on, they'll always be the also-rans in the major competitions. A club in elite purgatory. Always good enough to make it to the big race, never fast or smart enough to push over the finish line in first place. That's all about the manager. Until he changes, Arsenal fans will continue to celebrate glorious failure.

Re: Are we all f*cked?
Ares (IP Logged)
08 September, 2017 21:05
They're not wrong.

Re: Are we all f*cked?
Shane (IP Logged)
10 September, 2017 14:17
Padre Pio
It might get worse before it gets better, but there are real chances for it to get better, unless the fat boy and the orange wonder start throwing nukes.

Ian Paisley is long dead my friend.

As for electric cars, if they help the environment I'm all in favour. I don't know a great deal about these things either, but I do remember chatting to Rob about them during a trip to Ottawa and he said something about the batteries not being green, so they're not a major improvement or something of that nature. Again, I was probably dreaming about a Subway or a cigarette.

Re: Are we all f*cked?
SuperRob (IP Logged)
14 October, 2017 10:36
The carbon cost of batteries is all in the production of them. It used to be that to produce an electric car you had to ship the parts from all around the world because there were hardly any places that manufactured them. So the carbon cost of shipping stuff around the world was fairly large. Now though, these parts are becoming pretty standard and the cost of production has fallen massively, so you don't have to go to a specialist supplier in 1 particular country to get the part so it's becoming less and less of a problem over time.

Also the carbon cost of producing a battery is a one off thing, and then the battery can work without producing emissions for the rest of it's lifetime (maybe 15-20 years or more), so it's still better than carbon fuels.

Finally, when we have planes and ships that don't use fossil fuels, the carbon cost of production falls to 0 anyway so it works out fine anyway.

I'm actually very optimistic that clean energy will become the norm and the western world will pretty much be 100% renewable in energy production by the mid 2030's at the latest. If you research it, solar and wind are already close to being cost competitive with fossil fuels in Europe and the US even without government subsidies, and practically 100% of new energy production being added to the grid in Europe is renewable because it no longer makes economic sense to build fossil fuel powered stations. By 2030 you won't be able to buy a new petrol or diesel car or lorry in Europe and everyone will have solar panels and battery packs in their homes.

I'm less optimistic we'll make it to 2030 without having a nuclear war though.

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