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chicagowolf (IP Logged)
10 November, 2014 20:18
Paul Ince's comment about Wolves "would have been a nice starter" reminded me of that magic moment in youth where the realization dawns that not all members of the opposite sex might be enchanted with your charms. Of course all of our big-name signings (??) go through the ritual "Wolves are a Big Club" nonsense, but Mr Ince, deluded twerp though he is, has made an important point, at least to me. Let's avoid for a moment all thoughts of which mighty heights he might have moved on to (Blackburn or Middlesborough perhaps); the sad truth is that it is increasingly difficult to delude ourselves with the big club label any more.
My first visit to the Mol was a floodlit midweek game with my dad when Cullis was in charge, and the magic has never quite worn off even through the dark Bhatti days and the long rebuilding process. Sir Jack and his Golden T*t comment still make me smile; we never doubted his passion or commttment, we were a big club. Are we now?
On the TV the other day, the Leicester - WBA match was described as a "classic tussle between two Yo-Yo clubs". It made me sad to glimpse the awful truth - that I would be ecstatic if Wolves could become a Yo-Yo club any time soon.

Re: Expectations
Bradmore Wolf (IP Logged)
10 November, 2014 20:36
This big club thing is so difficult to determine.

I mean Villa are probably the biggest club in the region but they have done very little for 20 years.

Everton who we are supposed to be modelling have not won anything for 20 years.

Spurs are also a massive club but have not won the league for over 50 years.

Can you still be a big club and not win anything for 20 years?

Re: Expectations
cedric harper (IP Logged)
10 November, 2014 22:42
We are no longer a big club, but when you look at "big clubs" like Everton and Spurs you have to wonder. Both of those teams have ground capacities barely bigger than ours. Although it is obvious both these teams have far greater potential than us, Bradmore is right with his they have won nothing statement so how can they be big.
Villa are by far the biggest club in the region and if some Qatari syndicate dropped in they would be up challenging for the top with Qatar city.
It could be said we are a bit of yo-yo club if we get promoted in the next few seasons, but if Stoke and Saints are putting regular top ten seasons in it has to be said that we could easily do the same. Stokes purse strings are slightly looser than ours and look what a difference it makes, if only the powers that be would take note.

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Re: Expectations
11 November, 2014 10:51
Hi guys - have been busy past few weeks but been following the threads. This one is close to my heart - I've had many a skirmish with people about "Big Club" mentality.

IMO we haven't featured as a "BC" for many years - although seemingly have retained Big Club Expectations since the 50s / 60s / 70s...

As for this season, my expectations from the start were to finish about halfway. Whilst this was frowned upon by some (and understandably) it merely reflected a couple of important factors:
a) first year back in the Champions(hip) League with largely a L1 experienced squad
b) zero investment in the squad

I still think a halfway finish would be a decent outcome.

Re: Expectations
Risca TM (IP Logged)
12 November, 2014 18:51
I liked the intro and comments a lot.

I love my memories when we were a big club. Finding my team, that deep emotional but irrational connection to every result, favourite players, great and small victories.

But that was when the league and FA cup were the b-all and end-all, and clubs were more or less competing on an even playing field.

These days the game has detached itself from its roots, become global like so many things, and the amount of money swishing about has left the old traditions behind.

We could still be a big club, but it would need a big money investor AND a purpose and conviction to manage everything and make it work properly.

Southampton, Swansea are showing the way to some degree, but with the best players commanding salaries and making choices regarding where they play worldwide then a stint at Wolves and what we can offer geographically and socially is probably not top of the list.

All still boils down to Morgan, who basically is an old third division owner, content with a third division club providing a simple cashflow and ego boost to his corporate world.

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Re: Expectations
Risca TM (IP Logged)
12 November, 2014 18:58
Sorry for posting twice. Maybe the mods can delete, the stray one.

In any case, that sentence should read 'and make it work properly'

Re: Expectations
Arthur Tannen (IP Logged)
13 November, 2014 18:56
My expectations are simple, I expect to see Wolves in the top half of the Premiership and taking the cup competitions seriously with the odd cup win every 10-15 years. I've no interest in calls for patience, long term plans that are just basically cop outs for present failings. I don't want to see us "do a West Brom/Birmingham/Everton" or whatever club Jez comes out with every few years, it's cringeworthy.

Football is about winning things, it saddens me to see so many fans happy to see us finish mid table and view it as some kind of successful season. Every season we are not in the top division is a terrible season in my opinion. The day I see mid table mediocrity as a success is the day I give up on football.

Sadly we have a owner who is not good enough for Wolves and has never appreciated what a great club he owns.

Re: Expectations
Lupinehowler (IP Logged)
13 November, 2014 19:47
I agree with all your sentiments AT, well expressed. Your right about Morgan, and other chairmen, but these days owning a football club is as much about business as it is about success, the heart of football has long since gone. Until we get another owner who puts the team and fans first we will remain an underfunded feeder club with no vision of future success.

Re: Expectations
an angry wolf (IP Logged)
14 November, 2014 15:40
There are numerous factors in determining what constitutes a "big club" with the most important being the fanbase which is essential in maintaining any success as affluent owners come and go. When wolves were in the premier league we achieved the 12th highest average home attendance which is a remarkable figure factoring in the likely defeats coupled with little ambition shown in the transfer market that has been an automatic given for as long as Morgan presides over ownership of the club. It's apparent that with any significant investment allied to a degree of success on the pitch such as a mid table premier league finish, crowds would rise and the club would flourish dismissing all this nonsense people are on about questioning whether we are a big club. We may not be on a par with the true giants of English football but of course we are a big club assimilating not just our fanbase but stadium/ history etc and the fact people are talking about being happy with a mid table finish in the second division shows just how low expectations are under this current board when people are copulating with their own hand when we sign a hull reject of 2 goals in the last 50 starts. Although the club should be proud and competing with Swansea, west ham, Southampton, west brom, stoke, hull, burnley , Leicester , palace posters are content with battling away against Brentford/rotheram to see if we can achieve an "admirable act of respectability" by finishing mid table in the second tier. I've just reeled off half the premiership list and none of those clubs are any bigger than wolves but due to becoming the metaphorical oliver twist of football scrimping and scraping for anything we are expected to be content rattling around in the championship in a similar mentality to penk who has admitted he doesn't want promotion in his own words. That sort of defeatist mentality is toxic to me and symbolises what a pathetic state of defeatism has set in at the club where "success" is deemed to be finishing mid table in a division we were in when Morgan arrived. The excuse is we were in the third tier... so fcking what , it was a disgrace to have ever been in the division at all yet fans are supposed to take solace in more failure due to how wretched our previous season was?

The club is going nowhere and the talk of academies, building plans is just a smokescreen to lull a number of gullible naïve sheep into believing there is some golden light of glory around the corner when in reality it's just more of what we have witnessed in the last 7 years .. cheap and nasty buys on pathetic wages with people screaming for managers to be sacked when it inevitably goes t.its up again. If a beggar in the street was fed a mouldy muffin with cress growing from the bottom of it, he would regard it as a gourmet meal devouring the crusty bread in order to prevent his ribs protruding so far from his body he'd become a human porcupine... we may be the financial beggar of transfer dealing under morgan with equally low expectations but don't fall into the same trap and at least say it for what it is without fans living so far up their of Morgan propaganda they are struggling to find the light switch. Wolves are a big club with a pathetic owner who has invoked his own small time mindset upon the club which inevitably filters down to fans for him to make as much money as possible. The lower fans expectations are the better for the board as just bobbling along being content in the championship means little investment and mugs lapping it up as something to be proud of.

Re: Expectations
chicagowolf (IP Logged)
14 November, 2014 18:27
an angry wolf
Wolves are a big club with a pathetic owner who has invoked his own small time mindset upon the club which inevitably filters down to fans for him to make as much money as possible.

Absolutely. And fortunately the local authorities have rules about how construction is done. Otherwise, with a certain gentleman's buildings it might be advisable to steer clear when a strong wind blows.

Re: Expectations
Risca TM (IP Logged)
15 November, 2014 17:16
Top post angry. All would be possible in theory, but we've got a chipmunk hoarding the nuts just for himself.

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